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“AutoCAD” is a registered trademark of Autodesk, Inc. in the USA and other countries.

Many CAD applications are built on the PostScript drawing program. The classic PostScript drawing program was originally developed in the early 1980s and provided the basis for a number of additional products. This article will focus on two of the more popular, original PostScript drawing programs, dPost and its offspring, dXchange.

dPost: The First PostScript Drawing Application

dPost was the first PostScript drawing application to hit the market, and as a result, the first PostScript CAD.

dPost was originally released by Gage Software, the PostScript software company. The first version of dPost, 1.0, was released in November 1985, and the first commercial dPost license was sold in 1986. dPost was released in a stand-alone version and an integrated development environment (IDE) version. The stand-alone version, 1.0, provided only basic PostScript support and drawing capabilities; the integrated development environment version (IDE), 1.0, added many features, including tools and templates, a built-in dictionary, and preloaded data.

The dPost integrated development environment was a collection of compilers, interpreters, debuggers, and wizards for writing and debugging dPost applications. dPost 1.0 IDE was available in English only. dPost 1.0 IDE used C-based code to access and modify the drawing data structure, and PostScript to render the drawing data to the display device. dPost 1.0 IDE applications generated native PostScript files that could be imported and printed.

dPost 1.0 offered support for PostScript Level 2. Because dPost is built on the PostScript language, it does not directly support all the features of PostScript Level 3. The PostScript language is evolving rapidly; some features of dPost 1.0 are known to be obsolete.

dPost 1.0 was a DOS-based application. Initially, the DOS application was available for the 8088 and 8086 microprocessors. Later, other DOS-compatible processors, such as the 68000, PowerPC, and Alpha, were supported. The Windows 3.0-compatible executable, and later versions, were ported to Windows (95/98/ME) and Mac OS X.


dPost 1.0 included the following features:

Drawing support

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Comparison to CADIA
CADIA was an application for drafting AutoCAD files developed by Autodesk, released in 1996. The latest version of CADIA is AutoCAD 2000.

AutoCAD enables users to create drawings and project designs on a local or network computer. It is commonly used by architects, engineers, and drafters. AutoCAD is not a replacement for other tools commonly used in the industry, but instead helps professionals who use them and others who wish to learn the program. In addition, users may not always have a computer at their disposal for the purposes of creating a design.

AutoCAD can be downloaded for free. It is available for Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS X operating systems. AutoCAD requires the Microsoft Windows 7 or later operating system. AutoCAD does not support Microsoft Windows XP. AutoCAD software is licensed either on a perpetual or subscription basis. Subscriptions are cheaper than a perpetual license. In most cases, a perpetual license allows use of AutoCAD with software updates for the length of the license period, while a subscription requires users to install software updates periodically.

AutoCAD 360
AutoCAD 360 is a cloud-based service, currently in beta, that combines access to AutoCAD drawings, on-demand project collaboration and project management capabilities. AutoCAD 360 is currently in public beta and is available to the public as a cloud-based service.

AutoCAD 360 provides drawing and project collaboration on-demand. Users can also see design concepts for projects being developed and can access real-time modeling and simulation data for 3D printing, additive manufacturing and other custom manufacturing solutions. In addition, AutoCAD 360 provides easy access to AutoCAD solutions and resources for end users, customers and the AutoCAD 360 community.

AutoCAD 360 is being developed in a scalable manner with the goal of delivering the best possible performance and user experience to AutoCAD users. AutoCAD 360 is the first cloud-based service that provides this kind of drawing and project collaboration, 3D simulation, 3D printing and real-time data to the public.

AutoCAD 360 was developed using Autodesk’s cloud technologies, such as:
Autodesk Internet Connections service for secure access to AutoCAD
Autodesk Anywhere access from mobile phones and other consumer devices
Autodesk 360 Mobile App
Autodesk Cloud Connection technology

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Questions about the subspace generated by the vector $(1, 1, 1)$

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Is this correct?
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See this article:

What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Use more intuitive design tools in 2D and 3D drawings:

Work with professional-grade tools and commands. An interactive prototype of the new AutoCAD 2D and 3D workbenches in AutoCAD Studio provides intuitive workflows to complete most design tasks without having to learn new command lines or CAD packages. (video: 1:15 min.)

Save time and get more accurate drawings with the new

Drafting Tools:

Remove randomness and hand-tracing from 2D drawings, including the ability to trace your drawing over existing features. (video: 1:15 min.)

Improve plan view consistency and accuracy:

Generate quickly and intuitively, and modify or override the resulting drawing with a set of commands and tools, including undo and redo.

Share and collaborate on drawings with friends, families, and colleagues:

Use a browser or Windows desktop client to share drawings over the Internet or via email.

AutoCAD enables you to share design concepts, plans, and drawings with the team, so they can collaborate without having to discuss the CAD tasks.

Converting to Web-based and Mobile Drawings:

Share drawings and drawings on mobile devices over the Internet via the Web-based client or via an iOS or Android mobile app.

Make the Web-based client work on most desktop browsers by automatically saving the client settings on page load.

Send Web-based and mobile drawings securely over the Internet:

Compatible with all major Web browsers.

AutoCAD now works on Android and iOS devices.

Drawing and Editing Improvements:

Use the Extended Drawing Tools palette to select features and edit and manipulate them intuitively. (video: 1:15 min.)

Enabling and disabling editing options, such as the press-and-hold method, is more intuitive.

Assign annotations to points or lines:

Save comments, notes, and annotations in your drawings.

Import and edit 3D drawings quickly and easily, including with recent changes you make:

Automatic import of 3D files from Autodesk® AutoCAD® 2019.2.

Import and edit 3D models quickly and easily, including with recent changes you make:

Automatic import of 3D models from Autodesk® 3ds Max® 2019 and Autodesk® Revit® 2019

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Windows 7/Vista/XP
1.4 GHz
NVIDIA GeForce 400 Series or AMD Radeon HD 2900 Series
Version 9.0c
Hard Drive Space:
3 GB available space
Additional Notes:
The game may perform differently when run on different operating systems.
Joystick control can be enabled in the game’s configuration file
(C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps