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In addition to its native AutoCAD Product Key format, AutoCAD Crack Mac integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Windows, macOS, and the AutoCAD 360 suite, which includes Autodesk Revit, a building information modeling application; Autodesk Inventor, an advanced graphical solid modeling application; Autodesk Navisworks, a computer-aided design for civil and mechanical design of large civil engineering projects; and AutoCAD Map 3D, a geographical information system (GIS) application.


AutoCAD was originally a macro software tool called Microplanner, developed by Technical Systems Consultants and released in 1981 as a free product that could be used to quickly draw line-based 2D and 3D drawing features and to calculate areas, volumes, and BOM (bill of materials) for large-scale volume-intensive designs. Originally, Microplanner could be downloaded for free from TSC’s website. TSC’s Microplanner also included its own PCB design suite, CADDraw. The PCB design suite was later sold as Micro-systems, Inc. (MSI). MSIs PCB design suite came bundled with Microplanner. Shortly after, TSC released AutoCAD (AutoCAD 1983).

In September 1983, Microplanner received an update which added the ability to connect to external files and document editors, such as Microsoft Word and Excel, allowing the design and production of very large design documents and manufacturing databases.

Microsoft and AutoCAD

In June 1990, AutoCAD was purchased by Microsoft for an undisclosed amount and continued to be sold as a standalone product. AutoCAD went on to become the standard design application of the Microsoft Office suite.

In 2007, Microsoft released AutoCAD LT, a smaller, stripped-down version of AutoCAD (10 and 15) and the top-level shell of AutoCAD Enterprise Architecture Suite.

On August 14, 2014, AutoCAD LT 2018 was released. It is the first major AutoCAD release since 2003. The primary reason was a new licensing model that was effective in August 2014, making AutoCAD a subscription product.


Before version 2013, the cost of the AutoCAD software was shared by a yearly subscription. In April 2012, a new licensing model was announced. In the new licensing model, AutoCAD LT 2018 is sold on an annual basis at a reduced price ($295, then $329) with AutoCAD

AutoCAD 2023 24.2

Raster-based renderers are able to use X,Y,Z coordinate values or Bresenham line-based techniques for drawing objects on to bitmaps of various sizes. AutoCAD, however, has a limited number of renderers that support drawing to a bitmap. The bitmap based drawing can be done using a third-party drawing package, and the drawing can be viewed and printed as any other drawing.

Possible data types
AutoCAD supports various data types such as numbers, dimensions, text, annotations, and other drawing objects. The data types are enumerated in the following table:

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AutoCAD Exchange Apps
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Category:2008 software
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AutoCAD 2023 24.2 Crack+

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What’s New In?

New label and annotation tool:

New watermark tool:

Automatic level settings and display enhancements for true-scale engineering drawings.

New line, arc, spline and polyline creation tools.

AutoCAD Drawing Layouts:

Create a variety of layouts and publish them on CD. Draw several layouts on a single sheet of paper. (video: 1:18 min.)

New Landscape and Portrait panoramas:

Layer management and better keyboard shortcuts for creating and managing layers and coordinates.

Support for custom layer compositions and filter criteria.

New command window enhancements and commands for working with points, lines and polygons.

New options for exporting PDF files and 3D scene output.

AutoCAD Manufacturing and Engineering:

New advanced PDF optimization tool.

New Physical Modeling features:

New Dynamic Feature for creating relationships between features.

New option for exporting functions as editable text.

New device for adding 2D DWG files to 3D models.

New options for creating DGN-format files.

Add as empty space tool:

New Options window for setting dynamic parameters.

New surface labeling options:

Now you can create and save surfaces and labels as groups of surface components.

New options for surface color and linetype.

New surface annotation.

New 3D ribbon for easy assembly.

New editing commands for splines and line segments.

New drawing enhancements and tool enhancements for modeling and sculpting.

New axis command, new properties panel, new axis selection tool, new Markup Assist features.

More flexible slicing options for using 3D objects in AutoCAD drawings.

New options for exporting DWG files.

New Construction and equipment plans.

Enhancements for the Revit and CATIA design tools:

New sweep line feature for creating polylines and drawing smooth bends.

New text annotation and label creation tools.

New rendering and visualization options.

New ribbon tools for working with parameters and settings.

New rendering tool for creating 3D text models.

New sketching tool for creating and editing spline curves.

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP Service Pack 2 or later
CPU: 1.8 GHz Processor
RAM: 256 MB
Graphics: DirectX® compatible video card
DirectX®: Version 9.0
Hard Drive: 1024 MB of available disk space
DVD drive: Required
Sound: DirectX® compatible sound card
Mouse: Microsoft® compatible (M-rated)
Networking: Microsoft® Internet Explorer® version 6.0 or later
OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP Service

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