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What’s New in this Version:

Main features: – Support for X5 and X6 APIs, and for third party developers: 1.3.2 – Support for scans from any scanner, regardless of its manufacturer. 1.2.7 – Full iCloud support 1.2.5 – Added new books tracking tools 1.2.4 – Minor fixes and improvements 1.2.3 – Minor changes 1.2.1 – Minor improvements and bug fixes 1.1.9 – Minor improvements 1.1.8 – Bug fixes and improvements 1.1.7 – Added support for the X5 and X6 APIs 1.1.6 – Fixed minor bugs 1.1.5 – Minor improvements 1.1.4 – Added support for barcode scanners (via the API) 1.1.3 – Minor improvements 1.1.2 – Added support for images scanning 1.1.1 – Minor bug fixes 1.1 – Added support for tags and images scanning 1.0.4 – Minor bug fixes 1.0.3 – Fixed minor bugs 1.0.2 – Minor bug fixes 1.0.1 – Initial release

Find books faster!

Books Multi Collector is an application designed to provide users with the possibility to easily keep track of large collections of books.

Easily create book catalogs

The software allows users to build a database to store info on their books, while also providing them with great management capabilities.

Built for professionals, the program includes a variety of categorization options, while also allowing users to add a variety of details to each of the books in the database.

The application can retrieve artwork and other content from the internet, thus capable of delivering more info on each item when users access them.

Users can add new books to a collection by scanning their barcodes, which simplifies the management process as the application can immediately save the new item in a specific category, eliminating the need to input info on it manually.

Various reporting tools have been also included in the software, allowing users to view statistics on the items included in the catalog. A Statistic Manager is also available.

Advanced management features

Books Multi Collector makes it easy for users to find books that have been already added to the catalog, either by searching for its name or author.

The tool allows users to easily manage items in their collection, as well as to customize the details displayed by the app when accessing

What’s New in the Books Multi Collector?

System Requirements For Books Multi Collector:

Mac OS X 10.9 or later.
32-bit Intel-compatible processor
512 MB of RAM (1 GB recommended for smoother performance)
1 GB of free space
Internet connection
Supported OS:
Mac OS X 10.9 or later
How to Install:
If you don’t have Homebrew installed already, go to