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ChangeExt is a Windows Explorer add-on extension designed to add additional file information to a selected file’s context menu, including: size, file extension, attributes, creation/modification date, summary information and short-cut info.



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* Change extension and file attributes is a useful utility for people who create Web sites or document files for users.
* You can add the file size to the file context menu.
* As a network administrator, you can add the file attributes to the network folder context menu.
* You can add more information to the file context menu, such as the file extension, creation and modification date, file summary information, last write time and other.

Gemby is a simple and easy-to-use music player for Windows.
It features playlist support, the ability to view song info, get song lyrics, import song collections and more.
Gemby Description:
Gemby is a simple and easy-to-use music player for Windows.
It features playlist support, the ability to view song info, get song lyrics, import song collections and more.

GVFS CLI (Git Virtual File System) allows access to your remote GVFS repositories from Windows command line.
GVFS CLI Description:
Git Virtual File System (GVFS) is a cross-platform file system on top of Git and allows users to work with Git from Windows.
GVFS is the native Windows file system integrated with Git. With GVFS, the native GVFS file system is used to access and manage files in a Git repository. It is an addition to the already existing set of GVFS commands in Git.

Gestionnaire de conjoncteurs is a handy and easy-to-use soft which can create and manage the urls with the wildcard at easy. The result is like collection folders. It is designed to collect urls from websites, your mail, chat, pasteboard, Internet Explorer favorites, custom saved folders, etc. The program also provides a handy search feature and works with other languages.

This package provides the D-Link DWA-552 Wireless Adapter driver. The DWA-552 is a PCI card based on Realtek chipset, making it possible to have an external wireless adapter. It provides data rates up to 300Mbps. It is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Windows Server 2003.

The GiMP (Groupe Ingénierie Multimedia Phonique) Project is an open source V4L multimedia project originally conceived to facilitate the multimedia development of several web site, some of which are part of the Red Hat group. It is now available as a free download at the official web site

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If you need to get a function key like Ctrl+C or Alt+Del, using a key macro. You can use a key macro by clicking it. With a macro, you can call any function or macro. A key macro can be used to start a program, such as a web browser or Autoexec.exe. You can assign it a function to be used when you type a certain letter. You can type a shortcut like Ctrl+K to call a function, or Alt+C to call the key macro.
Add-in developers:
E-Mail us your add-ins with [Add-in Program’s name] and [Add-in’s description] in the subject line of your email so we can verify the add-in.
Can be used to record keys using Click-to-Play, which allows you to make keyboard shortcuts to functions that are normally inaccessible through the Windows keys.
Click to Play is a fully featured keyboard recording program. It allows you to record individual keys, key combinations and macros as well as mouse actions. It provides you with both data and audio logs as well as a customizable toolbar. It works with any Windows application and it’s free!
AutoHotKey is a program that automates mouse clicks and keyboard keys. It is very popular among computer users. It is very useful for a great deal of tasks, especially for mobile users. If you have a computer with a poor mouse, it may be difficult to move the mouse, so you should not be irritated by the slow rate at which it moves. Instead, you should use the key combination of Control + M and the mouse to move the mouse in the desired direction. It has a set of macros that allow you to record your mouse and keyboard activities.
ALT + 8 is a very useful add-in extension for Windows Explorer. It provides you with lots of options to change the default appearance of Windows Explorer. It enables you to change the size, color and position of various elements and also to change the folder font and background color. You can also change the appearance of the Windows Explorer icon and the application’s icon. All these features are very easy to use. You can customize them to suit your personal preferences.
ALT + 9 is a handy tool that you can use to create shortcuts in the Windows system. Using this tool, you can create shortcuts to any of the programs installed on your computer. The shortcuts are easily accessible on your desktop or in your Start Menu. You

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IdeaPad Notebooks

IdeaPad Notebooks is an add-on that works with the Microsoft Windows 7 Notebook format. It adds additional features to the “Notebook” interface in Windows Explorer, including: synchronized notes, read/write access for other users and improved filtering.


Launchy is a Windows application developed by Ninite to bootstrap users to Microsoft Edge as a web browser. Ninite’s download manager allows for large downloads to be broken up into smaller pieces by dynamic downloading.

Remote Desktop Connection Manager

Remote Desktop Connection Manager (RDCM) is a remote control software that allows remote control of a Windows 7 or Vista computer with or without a remote desktop enabled. It includes a connection manager to make it easy to connect to remote computers without needing to know their IP addresses. It was originally a remote control utility for desktop shortcuts, but has been improved to support remote access via multiple protocols (via SSH, Microsoft RDP, VNC and MS Remote Desktop Connection Protocol).


UGet is an add-on for the Windows 7 operating system that allows the Windows 7 user to copy files, download files or zip/unzip archives directly to the web browser. The add-on was developed by software developers at UGet. The UGet website also provides support for the software.

VIPRE Anti-Malware (Previous editions)

VIPRE Anti-Malware 3 is an anti-malware solution that combines three features in one product: real-time virus scanning, spyware and adware detection and a scanner.

VIPRE Anti-Malware 3 offers a user-friendly interface for the user to scan the computer with the product running. The interface shows a list of detected infections on the left side of the screen. The right side displays links to the application, as well as options to remove the detected infections.

VIPRE Anti-Malware 3 is released in two editions:
VIPRE Anti-Malware 3 Standard, which includes a standard trial period and only offers real-time scanning.
VIPRE Anti-Malware 3 Premium, which offers a full version of the product, and also allows the user to choose the number of days they want to scan and track the scan.

Other features include real-time threat reporting, a built-in Web browser, a unique scan engine and

What’s New In ChangeExt?

A file extension add-on for Windows Explorer that adds the ability to select multiple files in Windows Explorer and assign one or more file properties to the selected files.

The free version is available on SourceForge.

See version history for details.

Known limitations:
For information about the known limitations, see the Release Notes.

This project requires an up-to-date Windows XP or later operating system to build and run.


See the doc/examples folder for instructions.

– Set the default attributes on new files
– Add attributes for files already open in Windows Explorer
– Add properties for files already open in Windows Explorer
– Add properties to a single file in Windows Explorer
– Add properties to files not in Windows Explorer
– Support other file types such as directories, archives, etc.
– Add a “Properties” tab
– Add a “Quick View” tab
– Add a “Selected Shortcut” tab
– Add a “Selected Properties” tab
– Add a “Create Shortcut” tab
– Add a “Create Properties” tab
– Add a “Show File Properties” sub-menu item to the context menu
– Add a “Invert Selected Attributes” command
– Add a “Move Selected Items to Another Folder” command
– Add a “Deselect All” command
– Add a “Assign Attributes to Selected Items” command
– Add a “Deselect Attributes” command
– Add a “Change Attributes” command
– Add a “Choose Attributes” command
– Add an “Open Properties” command
– Add an “Edit Properties” command
– Add an “Remove Properties” command
– Add an “Add Attributes” command
– Add a “Set File Properties” command
– Add an “Add New Property” command
– Add a “Clear Attributes” command
– Add an “Import Properties” command
– Add a “Copy Properties” command
– Add a “Cut Properties” command
– Add an “Add Files” command
– Add a “Create New Folder” command
– Add a “Create Folder” command
– Add a “Delete Folder” command
– Add a “Open Folder” command
– Add a “View Folder” command
– Add a “View Files” command
– Add a “View Attributes” command
– Add a “Find in Files” command
– Add a “Reveal Folder” command
– Add a “Selected Items” command
– Add a “Edit Selected Items” command
– Add a “Create Shortcut” command

System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later (Mac OS X 10.7 or later recommended)
10 GB hard drive space
1024×768 display resolution
2GB RAM or higher
QuickTime 7.5.2
Xcode 3.2 or later
For Xcode users:
Getting the SDL Mac binaries:
You can download SDL using the following links. Download the latest Mac version. (Supported up to Lion.)
Users of Xcode 4 are