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DJ Brain is a DJ management software that can manage your collection of Vinyls, CDs and MP3 files. Besides, it can also organize your CDs and MP3 files into playlists. It’s a powerful DJ software that will help you keep track of all your records in an organized way. It comes with a visually appealing graphical interface so you can visualize all of your records in a simple, yet effective manner. There are different ways to organize your tracks, like type, album, discogs’s xls, MP3 or ID3 tags. You can also set a relative or absolute play time for a certain track. If you want, you can also apply custom labels to your tracks and if you’re a DJ, you can place your playlists on CD or DVD for easy access.

DJ Brain Features:

Create playlists: Create your own playlists in your collection

Organize your tracks into type: make specific playlists based on the category of your tracks

Sort your tracks by track name or length: sort your tracks by track names or lengths in ascending and descending order

Organize your tracks by album: make a playlist with a specific album

Manage your collection: manage your records by adding, moving or removing

Add information to your tracks: track album, track title, track length, date added, track genre, artist, label, comments, tracks, etc

Delete tracks: remove tracks from your collection that you want to delete permanently

Import records from your computer: you can directly import records from your computer if you need to add a track

Import tracks from discs by using ID3 tags: you can import tracks from a disc with their ID3 tags

Export records from your library: you can export records from your library to a TXT file

Export tracks to xml: you can export your tracks to an XML file to access your tracks from a wide range of programs. You can also view album name, artist, date added, track title, length, genre, etc

Add ID3 tags: you can insert ID3 tags to the tracks, in order to organize your tracks

Audioscrobbler Integration: you can view your history after connecting your history with Cracked DJBrain With Keygen. You can also export your history to TXT file

Import records from discs by using ID3 tags: you can import tracks from a disc with their ID3 tags

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DJBrain Crack is a free DJing software solution created specifically for DJs that will let them manage their vinyl and CD collections as if it were a single virtual library. Do you collect Vinyls and CDs? Do you have a huge library of MP3s? You can manage all of these as you would one big library!
Make your tracks play instantly without skipping and organize collections for getting the best music to your party.
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DJBrain is a neat application created for managing your collection of vinyls, cds and mp3 files.

Here you will find best solutions and tools for DJBrain. You can get DJBrain tools and more on the official website of DJBrain software:

When you open DJBrain, you can select your existing collections and add new collections from the Internet.

You have the option to add tracks to an existing playlist of tracks that you have created or you can create a new playlist when you need to select a new track to add to an existing or a new playlist. You can move tracks between playlists by clicking on the existing track which is selected in the playlist. You can even create smart collections and even add up to 500 records inside the collection.

You can also create a new playlist from which you can choose one of your current tracks or a new or a new track that you have not yet imported. You can add information such as length and artist, and you can even edit your track information if you want to change your existing information.

You can add information to each track like track length, artist name, genre, media type, file type and track ID. To do this, simply right-click on the existing track.

You can also save track information using your own preferences and even save the last ID3 tags that you have inserted in your tracks. You can also create your own playlists by selecting the genres that you want to include.

You can make your own playlists for each of your tracks and simply sort them by artist, track name or any other format of your liking.

If you want to add custom album information to the track, you can easily do

DJBrain Activation Code With Keygen

Use DjBrain to listen to your music collection, create playlists, edit or play tracks, add, or remove tracks from your library, save a list of CD or vinyl on the CD drive, or save your playlist on a CD or CD-R. You can do it all with DjBrain’s intuitive graphical interface.
Bypass Each, and Any Mode – Since many users like the option to listen to all tracks available in a mix, or different variations in each mode, DjBrain lets you choose which song(s) you want to be played.
Create and Edit CD Playlists – DjBrain supports the creation of basic playlists (CDs) that players and mix stations can add to a mix. It can create playlists with multiple songs and even with entire CD.
Quick Search – Find and play a song from the DJBrain.AudioLibrary.
Save – DjBrain can save the current list of songs or playlists and other lists or files to the audio library or a CD or vinyl.
Tag Edit – Edit ID3 tags (artist, album and track) on any song.
Import / Export – Import/Export data to playlists, folders, and CD or vinyl.
Tracks Editor – Set the pitch, gain, EQ, and balance on any song, plus add/remove time signatures.
Tracks Editor + Adjust – Change song volume, EQ, and gain on all tracks at once.
Trakc Editor + Arrange – Move tracks to different playlists.
Trakc Editor + Add – Add tracks and sort tracks by folder.
Multitrack Editor – Mix several songs at once.
Playlist Editor – Add songs and edit playlists.
Recording of Equalizer – Set the equalizer on any song before play.
LyriX Editor – Edit lyrics.
External Controls – Control playback with play / stop, start, rewind, and fast forward.

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What’s New in the DJBrain?

DJBrain is a DJ tool that allows you to manage and visualize your collection of CDs, vinyls, and MP3 files. It allows you to browse your collection, view tracks by album, artist, genre, or even make playlists. It is supported by Spotify so you can easily connect tracks to your Spotify playlist from the tool. All the tracks are stored in a highly efficient database, which can be exported in lots of different formats.

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