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Download _BEST_ Mr Bones 2 Back From The Past ⓵

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Download Mr Bones 2 Back From The Past

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the primary outcome measure was the time from baseline to first occurrence of a lower limb injury (the incident week was recorded in days, calculated from the date of the baseline assessment). secondary outcome measures included the time to first occurrence of a lower back injury and the time to first occurrence of any musculoskeletal injury, stratified by the type of injury.
the main explanatory variable was the recruitment phase of the study. this reflected the fact that many injuries occurred during the first two training phases, and recruits were then withdrawn from training for a period before returning for the next period (where recruitment rates were higher).
the initial analysis was done by using univariable cox regression models. variables were removed from the multivariable model if they did not have a statistically significant association with the outcome (p>0.05). variables were also removed if they were not relevant (as judged by the authors).29 cox regression models were then used to examine the association between time to first training injury and the explanatory variables. time to the first musculoskeletal injury was additionally examined, stratified by the type of injury.
as expected, the most common new injury type was soft tissue injuries, which accounted for 48% of new injuries. the highest injury incidence rates were recorded for sprains and strains, accounting for about 12% of new injuries. lower back and thigh injuries accounted for about 12% of new injuries. this is consistent with findings from previous studies of injuries sustained during basic training in the uk and the usa.31 new injuries also occurred in other body regions, including upper and lower limb, head and neck, shoulder and arm, and eye and ear, but these accounted for only 4% of new injuries.

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