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There is now an election In tho Assembly The result of that election Is In the hands of the officers of the said Assembly. A committee of the Assembly have been appointed to take the return of the poll and in their hands It Is, thoy will say it was impracticable for the vote to bo counted at once in their presence, and they will accordingly certify the result, which will be handed over for a candidate by tho orator,. That is the general course, but it is customary for the speaker to address the assembly by a few words, and for his speech to be given to the reporter for his use during the election. Should the orator deliver a speech If the rules require that it be reported Tho reporter says that he is ready to take notes of it, and will give the speaker half an hour for tho purpose. The reporter and the speaker then retire. Mr. W. S. Allen, the nominee for the office of President of tho Assembly, is now ready, and is requested to proceed to the roce. ” ” There being no further business, the Assembly is adjourned.

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The speaker took the chair, and addressed the assembly in the following way : ” This is the first election, and from the opening of the ballot, until the orator take his seat In the roce, there will be not a word spoken aloud. It may in tho abstruso silence of secrecy be tho place would be willing to indulge in the infelicitous and invidious reflections which they have often indulged upon occasions of oithors, and tho roasts aro not to remember them. ” This is a solemn occasion, and It may be for tho first time in the annals of Assembly that It has ever been convened to elect a president, and to make the struggle which has been introduced and is to be introduced into the body politic. A largo portion of the assembly, as well as a large proportion of their constituents, are satisfied that it is as yet an undecided game, and that the prospects of each side are more favorable than either of them desires. They may be, for aught they know, taat each In equal numbers are edacious for a thorough victory. On the other hand, they are fully convinced that if each side were equally opposed, and If each were fully prepared for the contest, it wouId be one of tho longest and most exciting kind of eolllntatlon


The provisional application of the matter provided at the meeting. The house voted to refer the subject matter of the provisional application to the Committee on Rules.

The house again convened at 12 m..
Provisional Application of matter continued
Messrs. Callahan, Higgins, and Peffley 5.
The house adopted the provisional application of the matter. On motion of Mr. Higgins, the house recalled the main question. The house adjourned at 5 m..

Acting Governor

The.Tuscarawas County Republican of March 16, 1882, announced that the Hon. Wm. Edis, of Knox, is. T. C. Att. Gen… It also reported that on the 2 nd of February the Acting Gov. Kephart issued a proclamation calling upon T. C. Committes to convene.
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The six remaining employees of the State Board of Education sent. to the absentee members of the board a petition calling for a rehearing on the issue of their grievances against the board. The members’ joint letter to the employees was dated February 11, 1911. The writers state that they were dissatisfied with the impracticability of settling the matter by the regular or special sessions or by an ad hoc meeting. They asked that the members of the board contact the attorney general on the matter of their rights under the contract.
In a letter to a State Board employee on the same subject, the attorney general of Ohio wrote as follows :

The signing of an agreement with an instructor will not obligate a board to employ him. The basis of employment of employees is the discretion of the board. If the members believe that the grievance can be adjusted and an agreement between the parties is desirable, we do not think that is justification of the action of the board in signing an agreement with the instructor.

Mr. Eddie, on the same day, submitted a certificate to the Governor in accordance with section 4, Article XVIII, Constitution, that the salary of the T. C. School Commissioner was not appropriated.

The complete text of the official replies of the members of the T. C. School Board to the employees’ letter is printed in full at the end of this report.

Closing the school term

There was no action on the main question.

The regular annual meeting of the T. C. School Board was held at the Grandview House on the 21 st. The


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