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Elden Ring: Rise of Tarnished Heroes is a brand-new fantasy action RPG developed by SKiRD and published by NIS America. Elden Ring: Rise of Tarnished Heroes releases in Japan on October 27, 2018, and in English on January 23, 2019.

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NIS America, Inc. brings Japanese role-playing games to English-speaking fans worldwide, creating life-long fans and branching out into the genres of anime and manga.

For more information on upcoming products, events and other exclusive announcements at NIS America, please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr and YouTube.

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Features Key:

  • Story About an Elden Lord and a Tarnished
  • A Vast World with a variety of fields
  • Interactive Online Play
  • Unique Battles with a Large Cast
  • Easy and Intuitive UI
  • Elden Ring is a product of Maotop, a company founded by web game developers who are active in domestic and overseas game companies. Maotop is a collection of game developers that have been active in the web game industry since the mid 2000s. Together, we will increase the number of developers that are actively involved in the web game industry.


    A Dynamic Dungeon System:

    Basic information

    Block Story

    A new dungeon system based on a unique model.
    By implementing an editor with basic level creation functions, dungeon maps can be created freely.

    Dynamic Dungeon

    Add Elements

    Initially there were only dungeons, but we expanded to other elements, such as enemies and monsters.

    Keep Items

    Lock and Unlock

    Dungeons can be locked by key. Also, when saving a room and returning to the same place, the necessary contents for that lock are loaded. In that way, players can freely enter or exit as they please.

    Raid Maps

    Raid Bosses</


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    Customizable Magic Items

    “The customization and the integrated menus look nice, and the leveling system uses actual raw stats, which should make power progression more realistic.”

    -PC Gamer (March 2015)

    “Deeply customizable magic items and a wealth of epic story content.”

    -Gamezebo (April 2015)


    By wielding the power of the Elden Ring For Windows 10 Crack, you will change your destiny and rise to positions of power, wealth and fame in the Lands Between. Create your own character and shape your destiny!


    Defeat the army of Zathra in large scale battles. Fight beside your friends with real time multiplayer, or challenge an AI computer in duel mode. Battle your way through the Lands Between with the help of a pack of companions, each with their own tactics and abilities.


    Expertise in depth of action-RPG game play and high frame rate with smooth and fast paced combat from blade battles to massive spells being executed with a single button for an epic experience.

    Experience the worlds of the Lands Between and interact with non-player characters (NPCs).

    Experience different factions, groups and factions, each with their own agendas and desires.

    Complex, intense and engaging story with multiple paths for how to solve issues.

    Craft advanced attacks, items and potions with the various systems of Magick, Alteration and Destruction.

    * 1 to 2 player co-op multiplayer

    * Single Player and multiplayer modes

    * Character Customization

    * Real time player versus player (PvP)

    * Intuitive and streamlined user interface

    * Gamepad support

    * Overlord, Destroyer and Berserker classes available

    * Over 100 difficulty levels and hundreds of random monsters

    * Multitude of loot and equipment types

    * In-depth crafting and farming systems

    * Supplies and resources on hand to help you survive and expand

    * Advanced systems of Magick, Alteration and Destruction available

    * 50+ hours of story driven gameplay

    * Over 50 hours of in-depth single player gameplay

    * Over 100 hours of gameplay and story line in multiplayer

    * Hundreds of different enemies


    Elden Ring Torrent (Activation Code) Free

    • One of the largest inventories in the online game
    A large number of commodities, rare items, and magical items.
    • Create your own Elden ring and level it up
    Create a magical Elden ring out of various elements and beasts, and master its power.
    • High quality online environments that are always the same
    Excellent quality worlds that always remain the same. Change according to your play style.
    • All characters and equipment you possess can be put to use
    Your equipment and characters can be used in the outside world and dungeons.
    • An RPG carried by the legacy of Goblin Slayer
    It is an RPG that combines the world of Goblin Slayer and the online game.

    RPG elements:

    • Easy to play yet fascinating to challenge
    An easy-to-use interface and streamlined system will allow you to enjoy the high-quality title that is only possible in RPGs.
    • The entire game is free to play, without an auto-renewal process
    Free-to-play RPG. Does not require a monthly subscription. The number of in-game consumables are limited.
    • Players can understand the needs of the hero with what they are playing
    An RPG that does not force the audience into a plot but lets the player enjoy free wandering.
    • Free to change equipment and weapons
    Players can freely change their equipment and weapons on the battlefield.
    • Challenging story mode with an open world
    A challenging story mode with an open world. Irontown is located in the world of Elden Ring.
    • Massive and open-ended PVP Battles
    A competitive environment that offers an open space for PVP battles.
    • RPG elements such as equipment, magic, and pets
    The newly added online feature lets you know what equipment and magic you are using.
    • Equip pets with your in-game items
    Equip pets using items you gathered.
    • Hidden characters
    Various characters can appear as helpers. You can summon them as a helper by using proper items.


    • Battle-based PVP Battle with a maximum 5v5 matches
    Encounter online PVP battles with a maximum of 5v5 combatants.
    • Challenging battles that yield real rewards
    PVP battles that have meaningful rewards.
    • Different levels of PVP battles
    PVP battles are divided by class type. You can enjoy the thrill of the battlefield with the different experience level of your PVP battle.


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    The Erstwhile War Cleric is an action RPG formed for the upcoming OVA that tells the original stories of its characters.
    The main character of the game is a young woman whose heart has been broken and she is attempting to move on with her life. However, when fate intervenes and she meets a man wielding a sword…
    Disciple of Wyvilia.While the Kingdom of Ryzen is a nation with oppressive laws that stubbornly insist on Christian beliefs, the empire of Elden has no laws.
    The castle of Ryzen has sent out an excitable young girl as a recruit for the country’s knights, hoping that this will draw in the trustworthy knights of the lands between.
    However, the protagonist, Eva, foolishly gets drunk during training.
    On her way home, the protagonist is defeated, and the only thing standing between her and death is the religious zeal of the knight in training, Wyvilia.

    The current OVA is currently being produced by the original authors in charge of the TV anime series.
    The staff have said that they will convey the original characters, concepts, and storyboards as accurately as possible.
    The OVA has the novel’s 13 chapters plus will be aired for about five minutes at the beginning of the season before the weekly episodes.
    Both the official novel and manga have also been released in the same time as this OVA and novels.

    The OVA has been decided for the February 14th release in Japan.
    It has a total of 30 minutes and most likely, it will have 10 episodes as the TV series’ original length.
    The OVA will not have any changes from the TV series and it will have two opening and two closing episodes.
    A key point of this OVA is that it is the story of Valka, who is not featured in the TV series.

    The official synopsis from the OVA’s website:

    “Erstwhile War Cleric Eva fuses the sacred power of the sword with the sorcery of divine runes, and embarks on a journey to retrieve her former fiancé and destroy the demon tree.”

    <img src="


    Download Elden Ring Crack + For PC (Final 2022)

    1. Download ELDEN RING game. Install the game and run it. (you can run it from Start)
    2. Launch the setup file and let it install the game. (you will be asked to agree to the terms and conditions, so just say Yes)
    3. Run the game and play
    4. Connect the game to online server and play
    5. Enjoy

    How to join online multiplayer:
    1. Connect the game to the online server.
    2. Access the online servers through in-game menu.
    3. Press “Connect” button and login.
    4. It will say your name
    5. Now press the “Join” button
    6. Type your name
    7. The server will let you know if you are able to connect or not. So if the server accepts your name then you can play with other people, and if not then you cannot.

    Note: If you are using LAN, then do the steps by LAN connection.

    How to connect LAN multiplayer:
    1. LAN cable has to be connected to the server.
    2. Install server client and run it (it is executable file)
    3. Open this file and run it.
    4. If LAN console is opened then it is done!

    Note: Using any network is recommended.

    How to play online multiplayer:
    1. Download the game from URL:
    2. Click on the button Start game
    3. Open the game through your browser
    4. Enter username and password (if you have any)
    5. Press Login button
    6. It will give you a message like successful login, then press Play

    how to connect LAN multiplayer:
    1. LAN cable has to be connected to the server.
    2. Install server client and run it (it is executable file)
    3. Open this file and run it.
    4. If LAN console is opened then it is done!
    5. Click the console button and choose the destination LAN
    6. Join IP address and port number. The port number (Default, is 35355) is listed on the bottom left of the window. You need to choose a free port number between 1024 and 65535 (inclusive of).
    7. Click OK
    8. Connection has been made!

    Note: Using any network is recommended.

    Note for the future: If you want


    How To Crack:

  • Download Elden Ring from the link given in the package
  • Follow the instructions to install the software
  • Run the crack
  • Arrange & Repair system files & Files Blocks:

    • Go to system files -> system file repair or repair
    • Repair the problem

    Change Difficulty in game:

    • Select Settings -> Difficulty
    • Select which difficulty you desire

    Disconnections and Errors in game:

    • Check network connection by Reboot the system
    • Check hard drive -> System -> Check hard drive


    • For more clarification please visit <a href=””><font color=”#FF0000″>Elden Ring</font></a>
    • If you have any problem just free comment below

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    System Requirements:

    Minimum requirements:
    OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
    Processor: Intel i3 or AMD equivalent
    Memory: 4GB RAM
    Graphics: 1GB VRAM
    Hard Drive: 2GB free space
    Additional Notes: Micro USB and HDMI cables required for certain features. Please read this before downloading and install.
    Recommended Requirements:
    Processor: Intel i5 or AMD equivalent
    Memory: 6GB RAM
    Graphics: 2GB VRAM


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