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Judge Stays Order In ‘Beer Bust’ Case

BY Patrick J. Buchanan

Just when you thought the “Beer Bong Theory” couldn’t get any more bizarre, along comes a new story, courtesy of the Los Angeles Times.

Every parent of a little child knows the dangers of combining beer with a plastic water-pipe, even a silicone-lined bong. Yet, to a California judge, this was not mere high jinks among young teenagers. It was a “crime of stupidity,” indeed, “one of the most bizarre crimes ever,” Judge Edward L. Rey ordered.

On Monday, he revoked the bail of Jovan Jackson, a 19-year-old gang member who was arrested on suspicion of possessing a tiny plastic pipe for smoking marijuana and beer, when police found him at a party.

“It is the most bizarre thing I have ever seen,” Rey said in ordering Jackson back to county jail.

Jackson’s attorney, Jerome Sheltz, who asked for the revocation of bail, said, “We have to assume that this is what alcoholics and drug addicts are known for.”

And what did the “stupid” college kid do?

Police had been looking for the pipe, which had marijuana residue inside, when they stumbled upon Jackson and his pals at a house in Granada Hills. The bong was in a plastic garbage bag, and the tin can was hidden in a refrigerator in the garage.

The cop who found the pipe said, “It was an accidental find.”

“I would call it just common stupidity,” Rey said. “Stupidity is no excuse for possession of a bong.”

If the judge had allowed bail, Jackson would have been released from custody and “subjected to the risk of going back to jail,” Sheltz said.

The bong, which the judge saw for the first time, was sold for $75 at a party in an upscale suburb of Los Angeles. There were no chemical or drug residue tests performed.

Rey called the seizure of the pipe “a gross violation of my client’s Fourth Amendment right to


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