Epson 1400 EEE Printer Resetter (Adjustment Program)


Epson 1400 EEE Printer Resetter (Adjustment Program)

I just can’t believe it.
Why would I want a HP or Toshiba. I’m not interested in ink or toner and not interested in LCD screens and I don’t want to pay for them.
The Epson works the way I expect it to. It downloads the firmware and executes it. The fail is that it can’t have it’s file written to the card, or it’d be 100% perfect… (or would it? Not if I install the firmware editing app, then reboot then upload the new firmware… uh oh…)
The first app I install is for the Apple’s app store but of course, it won’t let me install it… oops… so now my phone is locked down, firmware hacking app free.
On the next app I install, it tells me that there’s an update for the app store and that I have to agree to install it.
I don’t know what app is supposed to update the Apple app store, it just says it’s from the internet and that it’s not from the app store and that I have to agree.
I agree. Next thing I know I’m getting a virus warning. But, because I downloaded the app from the app store, it must be okay.
I agree to the iTunes Connect T&C and the app installs. About 2 minutes later the warning screen is replaced with a Windows 10, welcome screen.
Apple, thanks for the lesson.
I’m now going to install a phone and battery icon editing app, then a screen layout app, then a photo & video editing app, then an audio editing app, a video conferencing app… I’m bored already.

On a side note: this is a cellphone not a tablet or a computer. I like my apple devices to be my phone, music player, web browser, PIM, etc… but to be so completely locked down and tied to Apple is an absolute joke.
Whether it’s the authentication code or the fact that it’s locked down or the installer not thinking this through, all the things listed above are major faults.


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