F.lux For PC (April-2022)

Working long hours in front of the computer has negative effects on your eyesight. The screen’s brightness and the blue light particularly, puts a strain on your eyes, especially if you are using the PC during nighttime. There are solutions such as protective glasses, but a more convenient alternative is using a dedicated software utility such as f.lux.
Sets a daily schedule based on your real location 
The main perk of f.lux is that once set up, it can automatically adjust the screen's brightness and color to the night or day conditions, without your intervention.
At first launch, it requires you to enter your current location (the nearest city will do) to determine your local time and get information about the lighting conditions, depending on the time of the sunset and the sunrise.
In other words, once your position is set on the map, the application calculates the precise time of the day and puts your PC on a 24-hour transition schedule. It then renders the appropriate light tones and intensity depending on this schedule.
Automatically adjusts the screen brightness and tone 
It is worth mentioning that f.lux enables you to preview an entire day’s lighting changes in just a few seconds. Therefore, if you find that you are not satisfied with the settings, you can go back and make more adjustments.
On the other hand, you have the possibility to adjust the screen lighting and colors manually, which is convenient in case you are in an environment with special lighting conditions. f.lux comes with predefined configurations for reducing eyestrain, working late at night, using the PC in a low-light environment, and more.
There are also predefined configuration modes in f.lux. For instance, the “Movie Mode” preserves the colors and the shadow details but still displays the entire screen in warmer color tones that balances powerful contrasts.
Make the screen light and tones match your surroundings 
Getting blinded by an overly-bright monitor during sunset or later at night is definitely not pleasant so an application such as f.lux is useful to anyone. It adjusts the screen light and colors to match the ambient light, sparing your eyes from making an effort to watch the monitor.
Moreover, if you need to have the monitor display images in their original hues and tones when working on a graphical project for instance, you can easily disable f.lux.









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The full list of changes:

f.lux for Mac OS X 4.3.0:
– APFS support
– An improved font panel
– Various stability improvements
– Lots of bug fixes

f.lux for Mac OS X 4.3 Beta 1:
– Build fixes
– Improve font panel
– Various stability improvements
– Color picker toggles icons
– Various UI fixes
– An improved system restore
– Lots of bug fixes
– Various stability improvements
– Improved line drawing when using the ruler tool
– Various mouse and keyboard fixes
– Various UI tweaks

f.lux for Mac OS X 4.2.0:
– An improved system restore
– Various UI tweaks
– Various mouse and keyboard fixes
– Various stability improvements
– An improved font panel
– Several bug fixes
– Various UI tweaks
– Various mouse and keyboard fixes
– Stability improvements
– Various UI tweaks
– Various bug fixes
– Color picker toggles icons
– Line drawing improvements when using the ruler tool
– Various system and Mac OS X stability improvements
– Various memory improvements

f.lux for Mac OS X 4.1.0:
– An improved system restore
– An improved font panel
– Various UI tweaks
– Various mouse and keyboard fixes
– Various stability improvements
– An improved color picker
– Various system and Mac OS X stability improvements
– Various memory improvements
– Various UI tweaks
– Various


Keymacro is a keyboard accelerator app for MAC OS X.
Keymacro can be run in two modes: Configurable (for non-native OS X users) or as a Keyboard setting (for OS X native users).
Keymacro aims to help any computer user by removing the inconvenience of switching between keyboard shortcuts and to let the user use their keyboard how they want.
It also makes the keyboard shortcuts independent of the native OS X.
Keymacro was originally a keyboard shortcut manager for the Windows platform.
It was developed to allow better accessibility for users who have Windows as their only operating system, or for users who want to have an application that works natively under Windows.
This makes it easier to learn how to use the shortcut keys, and it also means that there is no need for this user to have any Windows knowledge at all.
As a result, users of Windows are no longer forced to switch between the keyboard shortcuts and a mouse (which is a very natural way for most people to use a computer).
Keymacro will allow users to have all their shortcuts in the same window, and the shortcuts will all function natively.
Keymacro also makes it possible for users of Windows to launch an application with a keyboard shortcut without leaving their native OS.
This is achieved by setting up a series of shortcuts to launch an application natively for each of the Windows shortcuts.
This means that the user no longer needs to know which Windows-native application they want to launch, but they can still launch any application that they want, by pressing a single keyboard shortcut.
What’s new in Version 4.6:
New: From now on, Keymacro will give users the option of which tool to work on, if they are using a combo key. This will be applied to all tools with combo keys. If a user changes the active tool, they will need to go back to the tool list to select the next tool in the sequence.
New: A bug that was causing the Windows shortcut keys to be replaced by the Mac OS shortcut keys has been fixed.
New: The preview window for the keyboard shortcuts has been improved.
New: The keyboard shortcut history has been revised and improved.
New: The keyboard shortcut editor has been revised.
New languages supported: Russian, Japanese and Chinese.
New: Added a new keyboard shortcut setting.


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What’s New in the F.lux?

The ability to see the sun in your peripheral vision is an important aspect of the human visual system. f.lux brightens the screen and makes the displayed colors closer to those of daylight, protecting your eyes from glare and overstimulation. 
With f.lux, you can control the balance between light and dark in all types of display and has been designed to save power and wear and tear on your device.
– Intuitive interface
– Day/Night switch
– Calibration
– Configurations
– Advanced controls
– Landscape
– Support for mobile and desktop
– It is f.lux
f.lux Tutorials:
There are many users who ask me how to use f.lux, but to my surprise, there are only a few that know the application’s features. I’m going to be covering the basic features in this tutorial, but if you would like a more comprehensive list of available functions and features, you can check out the features of f.lux…
To add f.lux to your launcher, you first need to download the application. You can either download it directly from AppBrain’s download page or from f.lux’s website.
Once you have downloaded the application, you can find the application icon in the Applications folder. Right-click on the application’s icon and select Open from the context menu.
Double-click on the application and follow the instructions. If you are familiar with the basic Windows interface, you can skip the first few steps.
In the first step of the installation, the application will extract itself to the desktop. In the next step, it will create the “f.lux” folder in your personal data folder.
f.lux requires the latest version of Java, so you should restart your computer after the installation to take advantage of the updated version of Java.
In the final step, you will be presented with a message asking you if you would like to install the application to your computer. If you click on the OK button, you can now run the application.
When you first run the application, you will be presented with a prompt requesting you to enter your location. If you are not familiar with f.lux, you can leave this step alone.
In the next step, the application will open and load information from your location. It will take a few seconds for the application to load the information and you will be able to see the time on the top-left corner.
By default, the application’s configuration options are turned off. Therefore, you will have to enable the application in order to use some of its features. Click on

System Requirements For F.lux:

The Gold Edition includes the following:
Note: The Gold Edition supports Windows 7 and up.
Windows 10 users: please refer to the Windows 10 guide (please read the following link to ensure you are using the newest version of the program. If you don’t know, look at your system information/updates.
The Gold Edition is priced at: $20 for a single user, and $40 for a 4-user household.
Please note that the Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition is not supported for this program. The community