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FileMarker.NET Pro Crack+

• Create color-coded files in any folder, or on the desktop.
• Personalize files by their types.
• Lock files so they can’t be changed.
• Send files by e-mail or directly to your printer.
• Possibility to change the appearance of Windows Explorer and Taskbar menu buttons.
• Possibility to change the name and size of files and folders.
• Possibility to mark files and folders by status and types.
• Possibility to create, move, copy and delete folders.
• Possibility to lock files and folders.
• Possibility to send files by e-mail or directly to your printer.
• Possibility to rename files and folders.
• Possibility to group files by folder.
• Possibility to open folder.
• Possibility to create, move, copy and delete files.
• Possibility to remove duplicate files.
• Possibility to sort files by name or date.
• Possibility to move files to different location or share them on network.
• Possibility to create ZIP archives of files.
• Possibility to perform various actions with your files.
• Possibility to see files in details (read, edit, delete, move, copy, or change icon’s color).
• Possibility to change the Icon’s color of files.
• Possibility to hide or show hidden files and folders.
• Possibility to hide or show protected files and folders.
• Possibility to show or hide recycle bin.
• Possibility to save file lists in text format.
• Possibility to make backup of files.
• Possibility to create and delete folders.
• Possibility to print files.
• Possibility to set default file size.
• Possibility to change the date format.
• Possibility to change the name of the folder.
• Possibility to change the size of the icons in the File Manager.
• Possibility to change the size of the icons in the Properties Dialog.
• Possibility to add custom information to files.
• Possibility to add custom fields to the properties dialog.
• Possibility to open the context menu of any files.
• Possibility to view, edit, delete or change the text of files.
• Possibility to open the properties dialog of any files.
• Possibility to share files.
• Possibility to change the date format.

FileMarker.NET Pro

– Color Code Files:
In addition to the great file management functionality, FileMarker.NET Pro Crack features a unique file organization capability. Files and directories can be color-coded according to the status of the respective information or the priority of the file.
The FileMarker.NET Pro Full Crack utility provides its users with color-coded icons that can be applied to folders or files.
If you already have some files that need to be color-coded, simply follow these instructions:
– Choose the required file, right-click it and select ‘Mark File’.
– You will see a color-coded icon in the end of the right-click menu.
– Click the icon and your file will be changed accordingly.
After you have personalized your files, you can set the priorities of the color-coded files. For example, you can create 3 colored folders: ‘Important’, ‘Normal’ and ‘Not important’.
Then, if you see a file in one of these 3 folders, you will be able to determine its priority.
– Status Code Files:
Another useful feature of FileMarker.NET Pro Download With Full Crack is its ability to change the status of files. You can use this utility to mark ‘Approved’, ‘Pending’, ‘Rejected’ or ‘Not worked’ files.
FileMarker.NET Pro Free Download allows you to organize your important and unimportant files and then decide how you want to treat them.
By doing so, you can easily prioritize and complete projects.
What’s more, the Status Code feature allows you to prioritize the files depending on their status.
– File Setters:
The main functionality of FileMarker.NET Pro is its ability to add different file sets. By using this feature, you can change the color of your files according to the type of information contained in a file, or the priority of a file.
For example, you can set a colored folder for ‘Important’ files, or you can use the file setter to customize files with different colors according to the status of a file.
– File Cutters:
FileMarker.NET Pro lets you set specific colors for your files, folders and subfolders.
All you need to do is to select the desired files, then select the ‘Cut Files’ option from the right-click menu.
The settings will then be applied to

FileMarker.NET Pro

– 16 hot-keys to provide you with an easier and faster way to access the most important functions.
– A total of 32 different settings to control, among which settings for the work and the private life.
– Highlight important or temporary files by changing their color.
– The capability to change the image included in the application’s icon, by using either of the available.ico images included in the package.
– The possibility to set four different icons for each file, to be placed in the 4 corners of the application’s window.
– The ability to apply the color of the image included in the application’s icon to all the files located in the same folder.
– The possibility to change the application’s window shape.
– Option to change the application’s appearance with themes, themes and skins.
– The compatibility of the application with Windows 7 and Windows 8.
– The ability to select the program’s size in bytes, as well as to disable the error report.

100% CLEAN Certification

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What’s New In?

FileMarker.NET Pro is a simple, yet effective piece of software that provides you with a reliable means of personalizing your files the way you want by changing their icon’s color. It helps you to improve the way you organize your files and information by creating color-coded or image-coded icons for your files.
The main window of the application is very intuitive and enables you to personalize each file according to your preferences. However, it also allows you to customize multiple files at a time. Simply choose the preferred files, whatever their folder location is and apply the favorite settings with ease.
What’s more, you can make use of FileMarker.NET Pro from the customizable context menu which can be opened by right-clicking the necessary file.
This way, you are able to mark important files by priority (high, normal and low), by work status (approved, pending or rejected), by the type of contained information (such as work, private, important or temp file) or by work completeness level (planned, half-done or done).
In case you want to reset all the settings, you can access the “Restore default” option from the right-click menu or navigate to the Action menu of the application.
Using FileMarker.NET Pro you can efficiently manage and organize your files the way you want. For instance, you can mark files that must be completed by the end of the day, or the week, then set priorities and completion values. This way, you will always have a clear idea of all the projects that need to be finished tomorrow or the end of the week.
Considering all of the above, FileMarker.NET Pro comes in handy especially for users who need to mark and organize important files by color, by priority and by the type of the information contained in a file.
• Color code and image code files
• Change the look of icons for your files
• Select the most relevant folder
• Easily set the icon color for every file
• Easily switch the color for all the files
• Right-click on the file to customize the icon
• Change the color of the icons in the folder, with multiple settings
• Easily mark, add or delete files
• Delete a file with a single mouse click
• Keep a list of the important files
• Easily save the settings for the most often used files
• Easily restore the original settings
• Easily manage and organize your files the way you want





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