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Free GIF Morph Maker Crack X64

Free GIF Morph Maker is an easy application for creating cool animated GIFs by merging two images together. With this application, you can save an image of the merging process, as well as you can make a GIF file that will be perfect for your social networks.
What do you think about Free GIF Morph Maker?

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Free GIF Morph Maker Serial Key

The application is one of the few that offers easy merging of two pictures. All images are in flat PNG format and they must be of the same size.

You start by clicking OK, which starts the overlaying of the celebrity image on top of the other image. The overlay is made in a professional way and you can even adjust the transparency of the celebrity picture using a mouse.

You can choose from many celebrities, but the overlay should be done on the two same pictures. You can switch using the lists below. The application is even smart enough to detect best face features and you can choose the celebrity whose face is more dominant to make the morphing more enjoyable.

You can save the output in your computer, so that you don’t have to output a new GIF file every time you want to create one.

The good thing is that the output GIF file is optimized and you can even turn it into a camera-ready file using the Batch Conversion feature. The software is very useful and easy to use, but you still need to do some tweaking if you want to create a good-looking GIF.

Overall, Free GIF Morph Maker Cracked Version is one of the few that allows you to easily merge two images together and create optimized GIFs. It is very useful and easy to use, but it still needs some improvements.

In this post, you will see a great tool that allows you to do tons of cool and useful tasks with pictures. All images are in flat PNG format, and they must be of the same size. The best one is the winner of ProductHunt awards.

6. Animate GIF Maker

This application is even better than Free GIF Morph Maker! It can create an infinite number of animations from a single GIF file.

What we like:

Great selection of images from the web

All images are automatically formatted and optimized

The output GIF files are very optimized, so they can easily be converted into a camera-ready file or published online

All images are in flat PNG format. The best is the winner of ProductHunt Awards

What we don’t like:

You need to pay for the license to use this software

The application needs to be launched every time you want to create a new GIF animation

Too limited in its options, you can only rotate the images

7. Smile Curve

Smile Curve is one of the best morphing software you can find on the web. You just

Free GIF Morph Maker

Free GIF Morph Maker is a simple program that lets you transform two images together into a GIF file. Although it is not so professional as other software applications, but the output of this app is still a good choice. It is a small tool with simple layout.
Description of Free GIF Morph Maker:
You can use this application to morph two images together and make them form an animated GIF file. Although it is not as advanced as other software applications, but the output of this application is still a good choice. Although you do not have to pay for it, but when you want to use professional applications, you need to pay. It is a simple tool that makes image transformation much easier.
It does not have advanced options like adjustment but it has some good options, because it has a wizard to guide you through the whole process. It has almost all options needed to make a beautiful and good-looking output GIF file.
Free GIF Morph Maker Features:
• Supports windows
• Support for Photoshop CS3 to CS6
• Supports GIF, JPEG, PNG
• Supports Auto mode, Make a selection, Mouse Move, Window resize and Window reposition
• Supports 16 ways of picture combination.
• Supports horizontal or vertical orientation
• Supports default and canvas size
• Two images can be combined into one image for a better output
• Supports GIF, JPEG, PNG.
• Supports all layers, including layer masks and filters
• 3 modes: Auto, Make a selection and Mouse Move
• Supports GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIF
• Supports slideshow
• Supports encoding
• Support for CPU
• Supports GPU
• Support for WINDOWS 7, 8, 8.1, 10
• Supports clipboard
• Supports layers
• Supports background
• Support for shapes and grid
• Supports pen and pencil
• Supports rectangle, ellipse and square
• Supports resolution, balance, size, aspect ratio
• Supports customizable widgets
• Supports zoom, rotate, brightness, gamma, tone curve and hue
• Support for UI elements
• Supports slideshow
• Supports windows
• Support for GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIF
• Support for all layers
• Supports background
• Supports API
• Supports GPU
• Supports clipboard
• Supports GPU
• Supports window resize, window reposition
• Supports slider
• Support for windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
• Support for slideshow
• Support for all layers

What’s New In?

Free GIF Morph Maker is a nice application that helps you create Animated GIFs with ease.

It brings you a set of tools that let you join 2 images together and keep their ratio, crop them, arrange them…
This free tool is simple, you just have to import the image you want to be a background and a photo from your computer, then select the tool you want to use. You can use the morph tool (animation), the crop tool (crop), the grid, the array, save as GIF, rotate, flip and mirror.
Morphing of images with Free GIF Morph Maker is really easy, by tapping a button on your mouse. It merges and links two images together. You can even change the position of a background and picture.
A set of tools that will allow you to create animated GIFs. This tool will also let you adjust the width, the height, the crop height and width, the grid, the ratio, the position of your images, the rotation, the flip, etc.
With this tool, you can take your picture into another, change the background, etc.
Once you’ve combined the images, Free GIF Morph Maker will be able to merge them. The morphing is made with the transparency of the one in front of the other.
You can even choose to save it as a GIF image or embed it into any website.

How to use Free GIF Morph Maker:

To begin with, you need to have an image in your computer (background and picture)
Once you’ve imported both pictures, you can choose the tool you want to use to combine them.
It makes possible to zoom in and out, select one or two to combine them, auto-arrange your photos, choose the position of the photo or the background, etc.
Once everything’s done, you’ll be able to save your image as a GIF file or upload it to your favorite site.
This is really handy and the interface is neat. It’s very easy to use.
This is an application made for beginners in Gif making. It’ll be a nice tool for them, since it will enable them to combine two images to make animated GIFs.
If you’re looking for a way to morph images, Free GIF Morph Maker is the right tool.


It’s easy to use.

It’s entirely free.

With a very simple interface.

You can combine 2 images, crop them

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP, Windows 7 or 8.1 (32/64-bit)
Processor: 2.4 GHz dual-core or higher
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Hard Drive: 300 MB
Video: ATI RADEON HD 4650 or NVIDIA Geforce GT 630 with 1 GB RAM
Screen Resolution: 1280 x 1024
DirectX: Version 9.0
Network: Broadband Internet connection
CD/DVD drive: for installation
Additional Notes:
Installer file: Try