Here’s Terra’s Plan to Revive Luna After Historic Crypto Crash

Another popular scam starts with a message claiming that your bank account has been compromised and that you need to take action immediately to resolve the problem. If you respond, the fraudsters follow up with a phone call, pretending to be your bank and guiding you through the process of transferring money.

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If you’ve ever tried to start your vehicle on a cold morning only to hear the dreaded clicking noise, you know the importance of getting a quick jump. This once meant relying on the kindness of strangers with jumper cables or calling a tow truck, but fortunately now there’s also another option available: the portable jump starter. 

The battery is usually laid out as a big flat panel under the belly of the car, inside of which are smaller modules containing many even smaller cells. Some cars eschew the belly-pan style battery and shape it more like a piece of luggage tucked away in cavities of the car body. But the shape and location of the battery is of little importance to the average buyer. All that matters is the range the whole car delivers.

The lithium-polymer cells in more compact car jump starters and chargers hold more energy for the relative size. They also hold a charge longer than sealed lead acid when they’re idle, but they can be a bit more finicky. To maximize performance over the long haul and ensure maximum life, a more active approach might be in order.

With its new battery, this iPhone 6 should be running at optimal level again.

Firewall takes a new approach to stopping spam and robocalls from ever reaching your phone. 

Want more options? Try Pandora

Perhaps you don’t want to fiddle with Spotify, its radio stations or other features, but you prefer the randomness of a radio-like streaming experience. Pandora’s music streaming service allows you to create radio stations from scratch. 

One caveat is the MagSafe charger’s effect on credit cards. Having a card placed between the iPhone and the MagSafe charger can cause damage. Apple warns users to remove any cards with magnetic strips or radio chips such as a credit card, transit card, or hotel room key card from a wallet accessory before charging the phone.  

These portable batteries do what they were originally intended to do: boost the dead battery to make a vehicle start. All battery boosters come with jumper clamps that attach to the auto battery terminals, and nearly all include Reverse Phone Lookup polarity protection. Some come with easily installed, semi-permanent attachments that let you quickly connect them to your vehicle’s starting electrics without the booster clamps. Most of these battery jump starters have some sort of flash or area light and at least one USB port to charge electronics like phones and tablets. When it comes to jump starter packs, those features are only the start.

Although software support is probably the most important reason to upgrade, the Pixel 6 brings many other new features and functionality. Unlike the Pixel 6, the Pixel 3 and 3 XL don’t support 5G. You might not care about that very much right now, but you probably will over the next two years or so.