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My Blogger Template: A: You have in all your loops. Foreach loop can loop only variable types, array, object and string. foreach($dados as $dado) { //do something } Why is this happening? Because you are looping over the object count (the number of values), not the variable data. You can either switch to array indexing, or switch to object->value or foreach($array as $key => $value) : Object access: $object->property. Array access: $array[$key]. Traversing an array with keys. Traversing an array with indices. Q: Getting id from onClick function I am trying to get the id of a card when the user clicks on it, so I can save it to the database. So far I’ve got the following: $(document).ready(function(){ $(‘#card’); $(‘#card’).on(‘click’, function() { $(‘#description’).hide(); }); }); Which works for the sake of hiding the description block, and storing an ID into my global variable (I’m using namespace classes). Now I need to update the description block when the button is clicked and I am stuck on how to do that. The following is an example of what it looks like, how can I change this so that the specific card is updated? Whoops! An error has occurred. Please try again later. var errorText = ‘Failed to find card. Please try again.

But I want it to be simple, like this. Is there a way I can add the multiple values to the end of my current line? Desired Output: VALUE1|0 VALUE2|0 A: awk’s print statement requires each field to be an argument, so no -v. You can use gawk to get extra features. With gawk, the output is one string, separated by newlines. So $ gawk -f tst.awk file VALUE1|0 VALUE2|0 or, if you want multiple strings, then $ gawk -f tst.awk file outfile Mariners’ stadium to cost $389M, seats set to be sold at $200 each SEATTLE (AP) — Seattle’s new football stadium has a complicated story with plenty of twists and turns. Who really owns the naming rights to the stadium? The NHL’s Seattle NHL Experience and the Sounders FC? What was promised will cost the city more than $400 million to build? And how will you be able to purchase seats at the stadium for an affordable $200 a pop? Gov. Jay Inslee and his stadium/arena panel met today to begin the process of deciding those things and others — and finally decided, to a person, that getting all those answers would take a great deal of time. Which is exactly what many Mariners fans and baseball insiders want to hear. 6d1f23a050

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