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Allows you to automate keyboard shortcuts for every action in the application.
AUTOCLIP Description:
Allows you to automaticaly take a screen shot of every drawing action in the application.
XCOPY XE17 Description:
Allows you to see the current file path of every command you are executing, it is a great way to analyse your project.
SPINDLE XE Description:
Allows you to see the current file path of every command you are executing, it is a great way to analyse your project.
Create Word Template Description:
Allows you to create a document with the same header, footer and paragraphs from any other document in the current project.
Word Merge Description:
Allows you to merge several documents into one single word document. It is perfect for companies that often need to report the same data to different entities.
So What is Drive Locker?
Drive Locker is a free utility which lets you lock selected drives and set security restrictions. The utility supports Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.
Note that this utility does not lock removable drives. If you need to lock them, you have to find a different solution.
Other Products You May Enjoy
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EasyTether Description:
Easily create a local network to access files on the web, create a direct TCP/IP connection and keep track of files on the web.
EasySFTP Description:
Allows you to create a remote SFTP server.
Dissolver2 Description:
This application is designed to help dissolve those foggy memories. By blending the ability to recover and interpret DNA fragments, Dissolver2’s pattern-matching engine is perfect for identifying your genes, or for locating areas of the genome that are most relevant for your research.
Dissolver2 is a proprietary software that can be used to analyse your data and find interesting information from your DNA sequences. With just one click, the software will do the rest for you.
Do You Like Our Software?
Please share your thoughts with us. If you are enjoying our software, or think there is room for improvement, we would appreciate it if you took a moment to tell us about yourself and let others know that your software is available. Thanks in advance!

Drive Locker is a portable and straightforward piece of software that you can 70238732e0

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Kiax can be used to access a dial-in server which uses either SIP or H.323, providing access to landlines, cellphones, etc.  For setting up iax calls, a user connects to the kiax server on their own computer using a softphone application.  At that point, the user enters all of the necessary information and Kiax is ready to dial out, making an iax call.

The two client libraries for libkiax: libkiax and libksip which can be used with the iaxclient are based on the libcall library, a high level library for signaling.

Kiax is licensed under the GNU General Public License v2.0.


Lite Client:

The easy to use and extremely simple interface is perfect for users who prefer a more graphical user interface. It does not require any knowledge of the configuration file format.

It supports adding passwords, PIN codes and setting the account information by simply touching and dragging the required fields.

There is no need to write or understand any specific configuration file.

It is also available in both Phone and Browser versions.

It is a less sophisticated version of the iaxclient which also supports IAX2 and IAX3.

It is targeted to the older Android users and is designed to have a less complex, easy to use interface and user interface.

Full Client:

It is based on the iaxclient library and provides the full featured desktop user interface which is generally used for setting up accounts and entering the required configuration file information.

You need to write a configuration file in XML format, which needs to be updated frequently for any changes to the system.

It does not support password and PIN entries.

The user has to understand the file format of the configuration file.

It supports changing the format of the configuration file for the iax client and the iax client for android

Binary Archive:

It is made in a way that it can be installed in Android without any problem.

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