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fXML is a Java GUI based tool to edit and convert XML documents. You can open a file, edit the XML file, save the file to a new location, or to the same location. The program uses a WYSIWYG interface to edit xml documents and create any document type you like.

fXML Benefits:

fXML has two main features:

Editing and creating xml files;

Import XML from any other program or file.

fXML Features:

Create a new xml file;

Delete an xml file or multiple files;

Rename an xml file;

Rename a single node and/or several nodes;

Move nodes within a file;

Duplicate nodes;

Delete a node;

Reverse an xml file;

Open a xml file;

Open an xml file and save it to a new location;

Open an xml file and save it to the same location;

Load an xml file;

Import xml from any other program or file;

Import and export xml from any other program or file.

fXML Limitations:

You cannot save the xml as a resource;

It does not support validation;

It does not support Markup.

fXML for Mac:

If you are using a Mac you will want to try fXML for Mac.

As of version 3.2.8 you can use fXML to convert a mac document to an xml file with a single click.

fXML for Mac requires no installation, just download it from the link below and install. The interface should look familiar to the one in the Windows version of fXML.

I’ve used XML2CMS for many years and it’s one of the most powerful XML editing tools around. To me the fXML is one of the easiest to use and most intuitive. It’s easy to convert any file type into an XML document. You can also quickly edit and convert to other file types.

fXML is a useful tool to add an XML to a CMS. I use it on a couple of Mac computers and love it.

Hi Gilles, thanks for your comment. The fXML 3.1.1 works on Mac OSX 10.6 and higher. I will try 4f8c9c8613

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The Macro Language provides an efficient way of creating your own conditional and looping mechanisms. This set of algorithms and functions allow for a powerful set of mathematical operations that can be used to work with many types of data.
They can be used to perform and automate various processes and give the end user the ability to write very specific Java statements that will make it possible for him to avoid tedious routines.
KeyMacro also includes a set of routines that can be used to work with the String Object, enabling the programmer to deal with strings in a safe and efficient manner.
All in all, KeyMacro Java Libraries provide a powerful set of matrix calculation routines that can allow developers to create more powerful math applications.
BatchParser Description:
BatchParser is an efficient parsing library for Big Data. In other words, it is capable of parsing and sorting large batches of data into smaller sets, so that the entire set can be fed into a basic Java process.
This is possible due to a feature called Triggers. Through this, any incoming data can be used to control the output and overall functionality of the entire set of routines.
BatchParser can also parse a specified list of files. It means that the user will be able to parse many files in one shot, and that will be performed in the least possible amount of time.
The application can also handle various data types, including binary and non-binary ones. In addition, it can create objects that can help in improving the performance of a variety of basic programs.
FrequentNumeric is a set of routines that can help to solve some basic issues that arise when dealing with numeric data. In other words, it comes across as a set of data transformation functions and can be used to find out the values of certain attributes for specific objects in a Big Data set.
This set of routines can also be used to work with numeric data types, which can help in speeding up and optimizing basic processes in Java.
POP is a set of Java classes that allows programmers to access and work with various data types that are stored in fields and can be used to create a set of efficient data structures.
This set of routines can be used to create various types of data structures, including arrays, matrices, 3D matrices and big data sets.
If you want to handle very large data sets, you can use the POP library.
POP can also be used to deal with primitive

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