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Divxplanet Top12 07.04 Icons is a high-quality collection of icons that were designed in order to provide you with a nice selection of original icons that can be used for modifying the regular appearance of your files and folders.
All the icons that are part of this collection come in two file formats, namely ICO and PNG. The first format is the one used by Windows natively for all application, folder or file icons, while the second filetype is specific for dock applications, which can use it as a replacement for regular icons of their hosted apps.







NetSend Crack+ [Latest] 2022

NetSend Crack is an easy to use and powerful utility that lets you send files in a very easy way. You only need to specify the email address and a link to the file(s) you want to send, and nothing more!
Cracked NetSend With Keygen has no configuration and no special requirements – everything is done in the back office of the application. You just need to add one or more email addresses and attach/upload your files or open a link to your own FTP server. Once the email is sent, it is delivered to the addressees directly from the app.
NetSend is free of charge. You can use it for any number of file(s) and for any number of addressees, and at the same time you can restrict their access to only the addressees that you want to. You also have the possibility of changing the password of the recipient.
In addition to that, you can set the frequency of the emails (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) and what not, so that your recipients will not have to deal with it anymore.
NetSend also has the possibility of sending sensitive information in an encrypted way.
NetSend is a strong alternative to manually sending files through email. Try it for free!
Adware Blocker is a handy utility designed to help you free your PC of all annoying, unnecessary, non-updateable or incompatible adware that may be active on your PC.
The tool works with the default search engines that your system supports and can filter out all the unwanted, unwanted and harmful adware among your programs and files.
Though it is not required to remove any of them, it may help if you either need to free up some disk space or you’re planning to install a different browser in order to use a different search engine.
Adware Blocker only requires you to select from a few options, and then click the Cleanup button. It will do the rest for you.
Rest assured that once your computer has finished its task, the tool won’t have any damaging effect on your system.
You can also select to delete only one category of adware from your system, e.g. only toolbars or applications, or another combination of the two.
Software distribution
Adware Blocker is an efficient app that won’t waste a dime of your time. It requires no registry changes and installs on the fly.
If you have System Restore, you can also check out the Free Adware Backup feature of Adware Block

NetSend Download PC/Windows

Sending data to a network server over the Internet or over an Ethernet network to a local or remote computer. It allows the transfer of large files over the Internet safely and efficiently. It also provides reliability and convenience as you can send your data securely and easily without having to do so using any type of software.

File Transfers using NetSend

A major feature of NetSend is the ability to send files anywhere in the world over the Internet. These files are transferred securely because they are encrypted during the process. You simply choose the type of encryption that you want to use.

File Type Encryption:

Truecrypt Zip:

A zip file is a commonly used compression standard that files can be compressed into using. This allows you to transfer files over an encrypted network.

H.256 or https:

A h.256 zip can be transferred without encryption and it is commonly used for transferring files over an unencrypted network.


An aes-128, aes-192 or aes-256 can also be used to transfer files securely. This type of encryption is commonly used for sending sensitive information.


When SSL encryption is used, the destination of the file is hidden because it does not appear in the file list.

Social Media Monitoring Software

Beyond being a free and powerful alternative to other social media monitoring software, this program also contains a social media real-time statistic dashboard as well as a powerful social media management tool.


Whether you are interested in doing some quick or detailed report you can view multiple report options using the real-time timeline social media monitoring.


Social media monitoring is great for gathering data of your website and your social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and many more.


Check the upcoming trends, manage your feed, schedule posts and follow. Upload videos, add tags and interact with users.

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View reports of

NetSend Crack With Keygen

The application will let you send files from your computer to other computers on your network with a single click.
The Transfer Progress will be shown to you at all times, so you will always be aware of how much you have to go.
The interface is quite simple, displaying most of the relevant information in a small window. All you have to do is to specify the files or folder that you want to move, and then it will be made possible with a single click.
The program can enable you to transfer files to computers that are not close to you, by you indicating their IP addresses in the window, which can be done in the Network section.
As your computer is required to have a proper network driver, this program can only be used with computers that belong to the same network as you.
Evaluation and conclusions
NetSend comes with a minimal and easy to use interface. It supports the usual ways of file transfer, but also allows you to send files or folders to computers that are not nearby, by taking advantage of the IP addresses.
It can easily be used with all common removable storage units and computer operating systems, without any issues. The transfer mode can also be adjusted, while the transfer speed can be adjusted in two levels, low and high.
The software is available for use in Mac computers, though you cannot specify an IP address.
Parboo helps you monitor your home network as well as network equipment.
Since this program is used for both personal and business networks, you can easily install it on every device that requires monitoring. With it, you can track how your network is performing, and where the most significant problems could be.
Set up the application
The applications will let you monitor the network, while you can also record the data that is submitted to you, without showing you unwanted information that you may not want to see.
The application displays all of the relevant information in a window, showing you the upload and download speeds, their volume, percentage, type and dates.
You will be informed of potential issues that might occur with your connection, while your mobile devices will be able to keep you updated on everything as it happens.
Moreover, you can also inform you of the devices that are connected to your network, while the Parboo computer will be able to easily search the network and filter out anything that requires attention.
Evaluation and conclusions
Parboo will easily let you monitor any connections that are available on your home network, while it can

What’s New in the NetSend?

This application can help to send files to a friend faster. Download the file and then use the NetSend application to send your file. NetSend sends a file directly from the Desktop or any other folder.
Never send a large file again as NetSend can send a file directly from the Desktop. NetSend is an all-in-one application that lets you send files right from the desktop. You can choose to upload a file on a web server if you do not want the recipient to download it from your desktop.
You will need to extract the file. Press the Open button and the installation wizard will open.
Alternatively, you can download the configuration file first and then extract the application.
User Interface:
The NetSend application displays all the files and folders found on your computer. Once you find the file you want to send, select and right click on it to send the file.
NetSend offers a lot of different features. You can select the file type, file size, file name, location, time and date, and even password protect the file. There is a feature called unread. The selected file will be saved on your desktop and the unread folder will be left empty.
How to use:
Once you have selected the file you want to send, you can select the location where you want to save the file first. Once the file is sent, you can view the file on your desktop by right clicking on it. You can choose the options from the NetSend application to view the file.
NetSend is a brand new application that is available for download on our website.

How to use:
The basic process to find a person on Facebook is very simple. Simply type their name in the “Find Friends” area and let the software do the job for you. The name will appear on your Facebook friends list.

How to use:
This application can automatically upload your pictures to Facebook from your digital camera. Simply take a picture, open the application and press the Upload button.

How to use:
Users can view the total number of people they follow, and followers on their page, by clicking on the three little dots located next to their name in the line of friends in their profile.

How to use:
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What to

System Requirements:


Mac OS X version 10.6 or later
Mac OS X version 10.7 or later
Mac OS X version 10.8 or later
Mac OS X version 10.9 or later
Mac OS X version 10.10 or later
Mac OS X version 10.11 or later
Mac OS X version 10.12 or later
Mac OS X version 10.13 or later
Mac OS X version 10.14 or later
Mac OS X version 10.15 or later
Mac OS X version 10