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Alberto star dating 7331. Art Of Zoo gallery viii1.In a special edition of NBC Sports’ “Outside the Lines” Monday, “Inside the NFL’s” NFL experts, Lindsay Jones, John Eisenberg and Mike Florio answer viewer questions about the league.

Florio and Eisenberg discuss the latest on the Los Angeles Rams and the ongoing controversy about the offensive line and the hiring of Steve Spagnuolo.

Here are Florio and Eisenberg’s answers to your questions about the Rams and Spagnuolo.

Question 1: The Rams have been successful on third down the last two seasons and now have a coach in Spagnuolo who has excelled on third down. How does this change the Rams’ formula?

Eisenberg: The Rams have a different offensive-minded coach in Spagnuolo than they did the last couple of years with Jeff Fisher. Fisher’s approach wasn’t as creative as Spagnuolo’s, and Fisher didn’t have a defense like Spagnuolo did. In addition, there aren’t a ton of zone-blocking teams. Spagnuolo isn’t necessarily going to create the game plan around the scheme, but he’ll certainly put an emphasis on it. The Rams already were more creative with the personnel they had, but Spagnuolo’s success will change the way they approach third down.

Florio: It won’t change the overall approach of the Rams on third down, but Spagnuolo wants to be a creative coach. He’s going to take risks. They’ll be more aggressive on third down because Spagnuolo will be more aggressive on third down. He wants to try to convert those third-down situations into first downs. Spagnuolo is doing the same thing with the defense.

Question 2: Why did Spagnuolo leave New Orleans and why did the Falcons/Rams make the offer to him?

Eisenberg: Spagnuolo had the best third-down offense of any offensive coordinator in the NFL last year. They were tops in the NFL on third down, so he was doing some creative things with a very young group in New Orleans. Two



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