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NMath Stats Mono provides users with a .NET library that contains math classes in order to perform math calculation.
NMath Stats Mono comes in handy especially for .NET developers who need to insert special functions to their application.
The aforementioned library enables users to add ANOVA analysis, matrix factorization calculations (NMF), partial least squares (PLS) and descriptive statistics to their applications.







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+ The library contains over 500 methods for math calculation
+ The library provides more than 70 math operations on 2D arrays
+ The library consists of a math class as well as a math library (which contains math)
+ The library contains over 200 math formulas and equations
+ The implementation class library is less than 15 KB in size and that of 7.5 KB is embedded
+ The library is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 3 or later
+ The library is 64 bits
+ The library runs on Windows and MacOS X platforms and also works in Linux
+ The developer documentation can be found here

How to use it?

First, download the NMathStatsMono.zip file from and unzip it.

Then, you should follow the instructions included in the download .
There are two solutions: 
– Standalone solution: add tools reference and run on your own computer
– You can also download the solution and open it on a desktop application.

Required elements:


The standard NMathStatsMono.exe file comes in a zip archive which is not portable and requires the installation of a runtime.

A runtime is needed for Windows when using the standalone solution or for Linux when using the desktop solution.

Check the NMathStatsMono download page for the needed runtime download.

If you don’t use a runtime, please attend the instructions below:

– Run the standalone solution.

– Extract the dll and a bin and rar files from the archive.

– Install NMathStatsMono_1.0.0.4_x64.rar.

– Copy the dll and bin to your executable directory.

– Copy NMathStatsMono_1.0.0.4_x64.rar to your executable directory.

– Replace

NMath Stats Mono Crack + Download [Win/Mac] [Latest-2022]

This documentation provides detailed walkthroughs and example applications demonstrating the use of the NMath Stats.NET library to perform basic statistics as well as higher-order analysis.

Using package
You can execute the sample code in the package as follows:

Dim values As New Double()

Dim summary As New Summary()

In this sample, the result is displayed as a table:


Common Properties
The following properties are supported for the Summary.See also: Summary Class.

The Summary.NeutralColor property enables a neutral-colored title to be set via the Summary.Titles.Color property.

The Summary.NeutralTitleFont property enables a title font style to be set via the Summary.Titles.Font property.

The Summary.NeutralTitleForeColor property enables a neutral foreground color to be set via the Summary.Titles.ForeColor property.

The Summary.NeutralTitleBackColor property enables a neutral background color to be set via the Summary.Titles.BackColor property.

The Summary.NeutralFont property enables a neutral font style to be set via the Summary.Titles.Font property.

The Summary.NeutralFontForeColor property enables a neutral foreground color to be set via the Summary.Titles.ForeColor property.

The Summary.NeutralFontBackColor property enables a neutral background color to be set via the Summary.Titles.BackColor property.

The Summary.NeutralColorAlpha property enables a neutral color opacity to be set via the Summary.Titles.Alpha property.

The Summary.NeutralTitleAlpha property enables a neutral title opacity to be set via the Summary.Titles.Alpha property.

The Summary.NeutralFontAlpha property enables a neutral font opacity to be set via the Summary.Titles.Alpha property.

The Summary.NeutralFontBackAlpha property enables a neutral font opacity to be set via the Summary.Titles.BackAlpha property.

The Summary.NeutralColorAlpha property enables a neutral color opacity to be set via the Summary.Titles.Alpha property.

The Summary.NeutralTitleFontWeight property enables

NMath Stats Mono

NMath Stats Mono Updates:

Notable Changes:

See also

Math Unit

Further reading


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What’s New In NMath Stats Mono?

Manages the math functions and also executes the statistical tests for a variety of mathematical solutions.
It can save various algebraic functions in the *MANAGED* and *STATISTICS* members of the class.
Supports the Monte Carlo simulation in addition to mathematical and regression analysis.
The *MONTE CARLO* member can be used for a Monte Carlo simulation.
It evaluates statistic analyzes such as the ANOVA, permutation tests and regression.
Enables users to add various statistical tests as custom features for their application.
It is a standalone library which does not require any other 3rd party library to work.
It works well with the current versions of.NET framework such as.NET Framework 4.5.


Get the latest version of NMath Stats Mono from the [GitHub repo](
Run the installation by double clicking on the NMathStatsMono.sln file.


After you build the project, you can find the binaries under the bin folder.

In order to add NMath Stats Mono to your solution, add it to your project by right-clicking on the solution.



You can use NMath Stats Mono from a.NET application using several different ways.
For instance, you can access the solution member and use the Function class to perform your math or statistical calculation.

// Sample Usage – Simplified

double a = 10;
double b = -20;

double ans = Math.Sqrt(a * a + b * b);

// Or Calculate the Standard Deviation using the Functions Class

double stdDev = Math.Sqrt(Math.Sqrt(Math.Sqrt(Stats.SimpleDev(a, 2.0).ToDouble())));

To perform various calculation types, you need to use the corresponding class.
For instance, a lot of problems involve the square root function.
However, there are many functions which are not being used in the application.

For example,

// Accessing the square root function

double dsq

System Requirements For NMath Stats Mono:

Read Me:
Version 1.1.0 [Feb 22, 2015]:
Fixed a couple of issues. Thanks to Godtjom!!!
Version 1.0.0 [Dec 11, 2014]:
You can now use a fake name.
This version has support for blasters, rocket launchers and machine guns. You can find a picture of some of the weapons I used for this version, but there are plenty of others I could have used.
Added transparent mode, as well as a bug with


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