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**Patch-clamp analysis of xCT.** (A) Representative examples of current responses to K^+^ and glutamate-mediated activation of xCT (xCT KTR and xCT GLUTR, respectively). (B) The patch-clamp recordings were obtained with HEK293 cells expressing the K^+^-selective channels (blue) and the glutamate transporters (red). The upper panel shows current responses to low (red) and high (blue) K^+^ (as indicated). The lower panel shows current responses to glutamate-mediated activation of the transporters (red) and to glutamine-mediated activation of the K^+^ channel (blue). The bar represents a size of 5 µm.

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Adaptive behavior in youth with cerebral palsy: comparing an adaptive behavior questionnaire with observational activity charts.
A study was undertaken to assess the criterion-related and construct validity of the adaptive behavior questionnaire (ABQ) with data collected from a sample of 29 youth with cerebral palsy (CP) aged 10-15 years. The validity of the ABQ was compared to an observation activity chart (OAC) which is an instrument frequently used in the assessment of functional abilities of CP youth. The ABQ and OAC were designed to capture adaptive behavior as adults perceive it and as it is expressed in real life situations. The results showed that the ABQ appears to have strong predictive validity for the level of independence achieved by this group of youth with CP and their families.Q:

How can I count how many specific class columns have been checked for a specific class?

If I have:

Menu item
Menu item

How can I count how many input elements of class.checkbox have been checked (i.e. two) from within #my-checkbox-list?


You could use :checked, see
var a = document.querySelectorAll(“input.checkbox”);
//2 checkboxes were checked

var b = document.querySelectorAll(“input.checkbox:checked”);
//2 checkboxes were checked

That said, you should really use s, see

Article content

OTTAWA — A South Korean business executive speaking at a major economic conference in China this week was abruptly stopped from telling the audience that China had built one of the best databases of Canada’s top-secret data — a fact that the government says is “untrue and inaccurate.”

According to a transcript of the emailed briefing that South

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