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• Different chord instruments such as piano, guitar, ukulele, banjo, harmonica etc.
• Great chord learning tool
• Play the music sheet on a virtual fretboard
• Learn the correct notation positioning and key signature (instrumental only)
• Test your memory skills on notations and their instrument fretboard placements
• Listen to an appropriate sound whenever a music note is being clicked
• Analyze your performance with an overall fun music teacher
System Requirements:
• iOS 5.0 or later
• iPhone or iPad, iPod Touch
• Android OS 1.6 or later
• Android Tablet
• Opera Mini or later
• Any other device that supports iDevice or Android OSo*-phenylenediamine.

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NotesFinderLite (Final 2022)


NotesFinderLite Crack+ (Latest)

NotesFinderLite is a simple yet effective chord instrument trainer that helps you improve your knowledge of musical notation, and which is intended to be used as an app on your smartphone.
• The first thing you will notice about this program is that it does not have a traditional interface. Instead of having a traditional desktop application’s window, it has a series of notations on the fretboard of the instrument that you’re playing.
• By moving your mouse on a particular part of a music sheet, you can view the note’s name and its position on the fretboard.
• The program provides you with the ability to play various chord instruments, by displaying their names and their fretboard placements on the screen.
• Because you can play the music on the fretboard of the instruments, you’re being able to test your knowledge of music notation and placement by playing the chords and music notes, and looking at their positions on the screen.
• Each note that you click on plays a corresponding sound, as if it was being played on the instrument.
• The software also tells you whether you answered the question correctly or not. If you answered correctly, you’ll receive a positive feedback.
• You can try your skills against time, and get quick feedback about your results.
• All the time that you spend with the program is being stored in a database, in order to keep a track on your progress.
• NotesFinderLite is a free app, and doesn’t have any registration required.

Key Features:

• The program allows you to play several chord instruments, and display the music sheet associated to each one.
• The only thing you need to do in order to play the instrument is to select a chord name. Once the selection is made, you’ll see the music sheet displayed on the screen.
• The sheet’s name is followed by the fretboard’s chord placement.
• You can play the notes and chords on the various instruments, in order to check if you know the notations and their placement on their fretboards.
• The program allows you to register your skills by displaying basic statistics, such as your average time, number of played and answered questions, among other important data.
• It is possible to go back to the previous question, in order to repeat it, and get feedback about your answer.
• The program can also record your practice sessions and

What’s New in the?

The longest list of music sheet & chord instruments in the category of free music sheet & chord instrument apps for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch.

The world’s best music theory program. Music notation and chord learning. Learn the basic principles of music theory and music notation.Learn more than 1,100 music theory and music notation topics. Learn and play music.

Most often taught in a context of music learning and teaching, “music theory” is the branch of music that deals with the nature of music and its composition, as well as the sound, pitch and rhythm of music. It also deals with the relationships of different musical elements and the analysis and explanation of musical structure. Music theory thus deals with concepts that are used and referenced in the writing and the performance of music. These concepts range from the standard rules and guidelines of the practice of Western music to the study of harmonic principles. Music theory as an academic subject is taught at many universities. Many music students study it throughout their musical education, and music students who specialize in music theory are known as music theorists.

This is the complete’music notes’ section of – the worlds best music sheets & chord chart download for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android and Windows Phone. This free music notes app allows you to access the large musical sheet notes database to learn a lot of essential aspects of music theory and music notations, from the most popular sheet music instruments – guitar, piano, organ, drums, flute, trumpet, trombone, string instruments, and more! Music notation is the most important instrument for musicians, singers and songwriters, so you should know everything about it! On NotesFinderLite, you can learn about major and minor chords, white notes, black notes, accidentals, bar lines, half-steps and steps, sharps and flats, notes, scale notes and intervals. You will also be able to play the music notes, read the notes on the page, learn about patterns, notation, how to notate for different instruments, music theory, key signatures, accidentals, and more! You will be able to find your favorite songs on NotesFinderLite and learn how to write the notes on your favorite instrument. This is the best app to learn music theory. You can download this app for free today!

You can also learn about music notations, the minor scale and major scale, the frequency of notes, musical intervals, key signatures, tempo markings, common time and a variety of other important concepts to understand music and musicians.

Here are some reasons why you will love NotesFinderLite:

• This is the largest free music sheet database – all types of music notations and chord instruments – from guitar to drums, piano, organ, flute, and trumpet, to any other instruments• Play

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