Onda Lossless Audio Compressor Portable Crack Activation Key Free

This is the portable edition of Onda lossless audio compressor, a Java-based application that optimizes AIFF and WAV files using the Onda algorithm, as suggested by its name.
Installation is not a requirement, so you can extract the program files to any location on the hard disk and click the JAR to run.
There is also the possibility of saving Onda lossless audio compressor Portable to a USB flash disk or similar storage unit, to be able to run it on any PC that has Java installed.
Furthermore, the app does not create new entries in the Windows registry or Start menu, leaving the HDD clean after removal.
The interface is represented by a small window with a pretty intuitive structure, where you can point out the source file or directory using the file browser or drag-and-drop method.
Batch processing is supported, meaning that you can optimize multiple files in a directory at the same time, in order to reduce overall task duration.
So, you can select the input between direct and list type, enable recursive mode,
target folder, as well as compress, expand or validate the audio tracks.
As far as program preferences are concerned, you can pick the charatcer encoding mode, ignore filename cases, display UNIX-style path names, select text when focus is gained, and save the main window location. It is also possible to include or exclude file chunk filters, personalize fonts, and so on. The configuration can be saved to file for future optimization jobs.
Onda lossless audio compressor Portable carries out a task rapidly while leaving a small footprint on system resources. It's stable and executes a commands rapidly. The app does not excel when it comes to compression, though.







Onda Lossless Audio Compressor Portable Crack Download For Windows (2022)

Onda lossless audio compressor is a portable Java-based compressor that uses the lossless algorithm, as its name suggests.

It is Java and therefore portable, so you can use it on any platform that has Java installed.
You can save the installation on a USB flash drive or other type of storage unit, to enable you to use it on any PC that has Java installed.

Supporting options include:
– Direct input
– List input
– Recursive mode (save the process list in compressed audio)
– Target folder
– Batch optimization (you can open files from all the subdirectories simultaneously, with several processors for multi-core PC)
– Compress/Expand operation
– Validate audio integrity
– Specially encoded form
– UTF-8 encoding
– Ignore filename cases
– Unicode characters (any character can be encoded on Onda lossless audio compressor)
– Fonts can be personalize (with the SAVEDATA.dat file)
– Direct source (you can insert your own source)
– Batch compression (you can save the application as a configuration file to optimize many files at the same time)
– View of the main window location
– Config file saving
– UNIX-style path names (untill Onda lossless audio compressor version 2.5)
– Directory beginning (precise location of the program execution)
– Large file (8192 bytes) (until Onda lossless audio compressor version 2.5)

The interface is very simple, allowing you to select the input (direct or list), use batch processing, and choose the charset to encode with.
The SAVEDATA.dat file is just like any other text file in your Windows system (read/write access), except that it is saved when the Onda lossless audio compressor is closed.
If you’re using a USB flash drive, it’ll be saved on the root directory and called Onda lossless audio compressor.sav.
Onda lossless audio compressor can be very efficient, but it’s a very basic program.


– Java software
– Direct and list input
– Batch optimization (resuming the process from where it was paused before closing)
– Recursive mode (save the process list in compressed audio)
– Target folder
– Compress/Expand operation
– Validate audio integrity
– Specially encoded form (TARGA

Onda Lossless Audio Compressor Portable Free Download

1. Extract the files from the archive2. Click the JAR file3. Select your source files, add them to the folder4. Right-click or double-click to start optimization5. When it finishes click Run or OK6. Open the file to see the result

Onda lossless audio compressor Portable Cracked 2022 Latest Version

Portable Onda audio compressor features like these components:-1. Supports both PC-Windows AND Windows-Mobile 2. Supports AIFF and WAV files as well.3. Supports ROL and RLEA.4. Supports stereo.5. Supports super-Lossy compress AIFF and WAV files with excellent results.6. No special hardware required.7. No hard disk space required, to save system resource use.8. No new entries in the Windows Registry.9. No registry size increase.10. Runs with any Java VM or a JRE11. The configuration can be saved to file for future optimization jobs.12. Portable Onda audio compressor is based on simple algorithms, reducing CPU demands.13. Automatically detects both best and average bit rate.14. Big main window. No dialogs.15. Adjustable compression quality in 1-9.16. Recursive operations.17. Fast compression/expansion times.

Onda lossless audio compressor Portable


Decompress or sort ‘n’ compress multiple files at the same time.

Let your program do it for you.

Compress / Decompress.

Portable Onda audio compressor and has the unique ability to optimize multiple files at the same time.

Compression / Decompression

Portable Onda audio compressor allows users to compress and decompress their files with ease.


Recursively inspect files and directories.


Easy compression and advanced bitrate/quality optimization.

Selective Compression

Compress and expand only the selected items.

Onda Lossless Audio Compressor

Vast Improvements in Sound Quality

Allow you to optimize audio files with no regard to the original file size or format.

No Need to Create or Save New Registry Entries

No need to save any additional space on your hard drive.

No Need to Install Extra Components

Installing this program does not require an installation because it is a zip file and there are no add-on files to download.


Onda Lossless Audio Compressor Portable

All Onda Lossless Audio Compressor Portable has to do is to prevent sound compression artifacts and noise accumulation while preserving sound quality. Thanks to the special Onda algorithm, which is fundamentally the same as the algorithm used in the Onda Lossless Audio Compressor, it is possible to instantly compress audio files and then expand them, with the sound quality not being distorted. The program supports a number of formats, including WAV, AIFF, VOC, and MP3, and lets you optimize audio tracks, split tracks, and extract tracks from MP3 files. In addition to sound optimization and audio concatenation, the app allows you to create audio CDs and burn them.


MP3INFO is a MP3/AAC info display and manager, with support for display of track and album information and album art for MP3 and AAC files. MP3INFO can be used to display song information, release dates, song/artist/album/genre information, album art, lyrics, and more. Support for both the AAC format and the WMA format is also provided. The app can show track/album/artist/genre information for a single track or whole album, display lyrics, and can convert and rename individual tracks. It can also display the “version” and “comments” information contained in a WMA file. It’s an easy to use graphical MP3 player/info display and management tool. A one-click option allows it to display album art for your albums. It can also be used to display (cover) art for your songs and to burn MP3 files to a CD or to burn them to an audio DVD.


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What’s New In Onda Lossless Audio Compressor Portable?

Compressed audio files can be saved in any format, and you can use the Onda Lossless Audio Compressor to optimize all of them. It allows you to get the highest quality of sound you have ever heard. You can easily compress large audio files, convert MP3 to a lossless file, and edit WAV audio files. This audio software can be downloaded and installed without any registration fees.

Onda Lossless Audio Compressor allows you to create lossless WAV files. It is a great audio editor. Whether you are a professional or a musician, you can use this tool to edit your WAV files. You can convert WAV to MP3 and edit MP3 audio files as well.

Onda Lossless Audio Compressor is an integrated audio software program that can be used to compress.MP3 files. It is an easy to use audio software for anyone. It is a perfect option for users that want to optimize WAV and WMA formats.

Onda Lossless Audio Compressor is an easy to use audio software. It can be used to compress music files. It can be used by the professional as well as the casual user. It does not require a huge amount of memory to run.

Onda Lossless Audio Compressor is a powerful audio editing software program. It can be used to compress and convert audio files. The software can be used to optimize AIFF as well as WAV audio files. With Onda Lossless Audio Compressor, you can easily compress WAV to MP3 and convert MP3 to WAV.

The best way to enjoy audio-files is to have a nice setup to play your music on the go. That is why Onda Lossless Audio Compressor Portable is the perfect software to enjoy your music in your car. It can be used to convert audio files into lossless format as well as compress audio files to MP3 or AIF format. This software allows you to convert MP3 to WAV, WMA or OGG, and OGG to MP3. It is easy to use and will save a ton of space on your hard drive.

Onda Lossless Audio Compressor is a great audio software to enjoy music on the go. It can be used to compress and convert audio files. You can use this software to convert WAV to MP3, MP3 to WAV, and MP3 to OGG.

Onda Lossless Audio Compressor is the best software to enjoy


System Requirements For Onda Lossless Audio Compressor Portable:

– An Internet connection is required to access the Town Hall
– A moderate level of skill in the use of the Town Hall is needed.
– The Town Hall is best viewed in full-screen mode on a monitor of
1680 x 1050 resolution.
– This version of the Town Hall is compatible with both Mac and PC.
– Minimum System Requirements:
– A PC with Internet Explorer v11, Chrome v25, Firefox v26, or Safari v7
– High Definition Graphics card with support for


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