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Piano Thor features an amazing dynamic range which other pianos were hard pressed to compete with. It had more “bite” when it was played really hard but it produced a soft, singing tone when played softly.
And Steinway’s famous singing tone and bell like sympathetic resonances made it a truly great piano.
Due to this vast dynamic contrast and the lighting fast response, this instrument has been granted the name “Thor”, the Norse god of storms and thunder.









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The powerful Piano Thor is a masterpiece of piano design and engineering by the venerable Steinway and Sons. The soundboard is machined from a single piece of alder and crafted with the finest materials. The Piano Thor is an instrument that responds with astounding dynamics and incredibly fast sound quality, with a powerful attack and long sustain. This piano plays softly, as it is meant to, yet the sound will reach every corner of your home. A superb piano for the connoisseur.
This instrument is professionally tuned, set-up, and played to ensure the ultimate in performance. It will be delivered with a 1-year limited warranty.
It’s all-inclusive and includes tuner, stage case, bench, stand, case cloth, and a comprehensive manual with digital videos, photos, and diagrams. This instrument is fully ready to perform and play with no additional assembly required.

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Orchestrating the Arts (“Playing the Greatest Hits”)

The Music Guild is a group of musicians dedicated to playing and writing music that involves both great techniques and entertaining music, songs, and stories for today’s audience. For more information, please visit www.TheMusicGuild.com

A Little on Playback – A Little on Playback

A Little on Playback | A Little on Playback

A Little on Playback is for the player and listener. When the piano is not in the room there can be doubts and unanswered questions. This is the place for A Little on Playback – what music, stories, pictures and videos inspire the music.


The Neapolitan Requiem (Adagio) – Vanessa-Mae (Lyrics)

The Neapolitan Requiem (Adagio) – Vanessa-Mae (Lyrics)

The Neapolitan Requiem (Adagio) – Vanessa-Mae (Lyrics)

See Vanessa-Mae’s “Sunshine” video, “Handsome Devil”, or listen to her CDs, “Love Songs” or “Without You”.
Vanessa-Mae – YouTube

Piano Thor Crack+ [Win/Mac]

1) Individual and simultaneous control of 88 notes and 88 voices
2) Greatly expanded function of individual controls of each voice
3) Possibility to expand all 88 voices when expanded controls are used.
4) Possibility to control all 88 voices in a precise manner.
5) Selectable dynamic control of tones and compression of tones during the performance
KEYMACRO – Specifications:
1) Speed: Octave (256)
2) Tones: 88 voices (128)
3) Voices: 88 notes (48)
4) The biggest dynamic control: 38 degrees
5) Control of up to 8 effects (16 patterns)
6) Octave effect volume: up to -70 dB
7) Tremolo effect volume: up to +25 dB
8) Simultaneous control of both 88 voices and 88 keys, and the simultaneous control of only 88 keys (Unison and Tremolo)
9) Individual control of effects including: LFO, Chorus and reverb
10) All controls are clearly displayed
11) Menu for adjusting the tone, the volume and the effects.
12) Display of the expanded controls, and their functions, the first of their kind in a piano instrument.
13) Independent control of both keys and voices
14) Display of the current and target sound position and key (analog and digital)
15) Quick response when playing, recording or browsing.
16) Display of the current and target voices and keys
17) Complete program for controlling this instrument.
1) Open the program and play the “Thor” demo song.
2) Listen to the demo song.
3) Play the song repeatedly and listen to the song at the same time.
4) Start recording a demo song.
5) Press the play key and listen to the song at the same time.
6) The recorded song should stop when the song is over.
7) Try the effects and see how it works.



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The Steinway L grand piano has a solid, large, romantic sound that is well suited for contemporary and classical music.
It is the perfect instrument for solo players, chamber music, and orchestral concerts.
It has a very long and beautiful tone and a very broad range.
The tonal weight is lighter and brighter than the baby grand, very similar to the best quality grand piano.
But the sound of the L grand piano has a “Russian” sharpness and clarity that has a life of its own.
This is the best instrument for playing classical and contemporary music that is heard in the most famous concert halls in the world.


Date: 1930

Musicians: Joe Morgan, Gus Arnheim, Louis Vuitton, Alfred Hertz, Robert Rollette

In the late 1920s, the “Seven Hills” company was well known in the US, but their output in Europe was limited.

Although the Steinway L still bears the Steinway brand, the company must have been legally able to make this pianos.

It is a well built, heavy piano that is difficult to move.

By 1930, pianos of this quality were very expensive, and there was a large demand for them.

But, there were only a few Steinways in existence at this time, and it is possible that this piano was a custom-order instrument.

The piano has been well maintained since its creation, and its condition is excellent.

The “Thor” name, however, may have been a marketing tool to suggest an even greater dynamic range and power than an actual Steinway grand piano.

The Steinway L is a double action grand piano, which means that it has two action levers to control the action, one for the damping of the hammer and the other for the damping of the strings.

In this particular piano, the bass strings are dampened by a piece of felt that is attached to a rod and positioned at the very bottom of the piano action.

This piano is not a contemporary model, however.

It is based on the older models that made up the original lineup of the Steinway Company in the 1920s.

A popular misconception is that the sound of these older models was softer and flatter.

In reality, the sound was very loud and full of warmth, with a darker tone and a bit of bloom.

The strings were heavier and thicker than today

What’s New In Piano Thor?

The sound of the legendary acoustic grand is now available in a dedicated recital piano. Stunning, transparent and able to produce heroic sounds, it is the ideal instrument for performances. The sonic performance of this instrument is based on the famous Steinway piano sound, providing a convincing reproduction of a grand piano at the most affordable price.

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System Requirements For Piano Thor:

* Playable on Windows 7 (32bit) and MacOSX (64bit)
* OpenGL support for PC/Mac/Linux
* Constant update for new adventure and game features
* Optional, but highly recommended, Oculus Rift support
* Beautiful environments, mountains, caves, forests and other natural features
* 2D UI mode
* 16 original screens
* 2 original tracks
* 4 different wild animals
* 4 different vehicles, including helicopter and train
* 4 kinds