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Realtek Alc662 6-channel Hd Audio Driver Download Windows 7 13

since i could get both analog and digital audio working when i plugged the headphones and speakers into the front and rear jacks, i decided to go ahead and uninstall all of the realtek hd audio driver software that i had installed. while i was uninstalling the software, i asked if i could uninstall the “realtek hd audio codec” driver that was installed when i originally downloaded and installed the driver. i found that there was a “realtek hd audio codec driver” listed in the list of programs that were being uninstalled, and i chose to uninstall that as well. i then rebooted the system again, and the analog audio output was dead again.

ok, now i was getting ready to install the driver for the third time. i opened up device manager, and i noticed that there was a “realtek hd audio codec driver” listed there. so i figured that this time i’d install the driver, reboot, and see if the analog audio output was active again.

i followed the same steps as before, and again i found that the “realtek hd audio codec driver” was listed in the list of programs that were being installed. i chose to install the driver, rebooted the system, and it was dead again. i then uninstalled the driver again, rebooted, and the analog audio output was ok.

in this case, i had to go through the same wizard-like process that i did on the first two times before, but was unable to get the realtek hd audio manager to start up. instead, i was met with a message stating that the audio driver was not installed correctly, and to check in the device manager if my audio device was detected.

This is a 64bit version driver, please select a corresponding version according to your CPU platform. Refer to the table below to select a corresponding version. CPU PlatformWindows 32bit, Windows x64 bit, Windows Vista 32bit, Windows Vista x64 bit, Windows 7 32bit, Windows 7 x64 bitChipsetAMD 690, NVIDIA MCP55, ATI X550, ATI X800, NVIDIA 8600GT, NVIDIA 8800M, ATI X300
ALC662 Windows x64 bit
Windows 7 x64 bit ALC662 – ALC662VC1
After decades of being king of high definition audio, Realtek finally created a successor to its long-time leader, the ALC861. Long awaited by users and reviewers alike, the Realtek ALC662 is here, rocking a total of 6 high quality and high volume audio outputs along with the complete Windows 7 compatibility. If you need more than one (or two) audio output on your gaming console, get this solution and forget about the AV-Tek products.
The Realtek ALC662 is a closed-source, proprietary driver released by Realtek, a former audio business division of semiconductor giant, Taiwan-based manufacturer of audio related devices. The original ALC861 is also available as a closed-source Windows driver.

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