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Transmit Remote Agent screen popups with a single click.
The ideal program for communicating with remote computers that are scattered throughout the company.
Screen Popup will help you communicate with remote workstations by automatically transmitting a small text message on the target computer.
This program will not show the message on the target computer but will save it in a simple text file located in the shared folder of all computers connected to the network.
Register your own screen popup with ease. You will be notified as soon as new versions are available.
Create automatic screen popups with a single click. (independent from previous or future versions)
The installation of your ‘Sender’ on the target computer will be taken into account by the program.
Get notified when a new version of the program is available.
Sending your screen popups remotely is very simple.
You have full control over what happens when your screen popup is dismissed.
Do you need Screen Popup to quickly and conveniently communicate with your remote computers?
The program is made of easy to follow instructions, its instructions are clear and intelligible and in its documentation are the answers to all your questions. You don’t need to have any technical skills to use Screen Popup, it’s well-documented and it gets the job done even if you don’t have any experience with networking.
Screen Popup lets you schedule text messages and limit the time for which a popup will be displayed on the screen. This is a real time-saver.
If all the computers to be used with Screen Popup are connected to the same subnet, the configuration is a breeze. You can even choose the directory in which the messages are saved.
Screen Popup will work with any workstation that is connected to a network. You won’t need to have administrative rights on each computer to install Screen Popup on it.
If you have a list of PCs or a name of the target machine, Screen Popup will install its agent on each computer automatically. If you don’t, you don’t have to click in any button and the program will do the installation for you.

Sender screenspopup

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Screen Popup is a program that allows you to send informative text messages to several windows or workstations.
The program can work locally or remotely:

It is also possible to have remote messages broadcast to workstations that do not have the Screen Popup program installed on them.
It is possible to use the program from workstations that lack any user interface other than the one provided by Windows.

Send messages to remote stations, from one to many:

The program displays messages in several ways:
* A text field where you can paste or manually enter the message you want to send.
* The special Sender window that can also be used for simple pasting.
* A popup window for most programs that allows you to paste or manually enter the message.
* A full screen message.
* A message window that must be activated by pressing a special key.
* A message window that must be activated by pressing a special key and scrolling to a special section.

All the messages are saved in a local text file located in the shared folder (On Windows).
* This shared folder is set by default to be the ‘Current Working Directory’
* A range of IP addresses can be filtered (by means of a network mask) and the program will send a message to only the specified workstations.

Send messages to a specific computer or workstation:

Use the ‘IP address of computer’ or the ‘IP address of a workstation’ field to specify the name of a single computer or workstation.

The program uses a configuration file that contains all the information needed for sending messages.

The program has the following features:
* Supports a maximum of 64 workstations or PCs.
* It is necessary to assign at least one user with administrator rights on the PC to use this program (a standard user account won’t be enough).
* Does not use any network bandwidth.
* The remote PC must be in the same network segment as the local computer, and it must have access to the shared folder.
* It is not necessary for the remote PC to be turned on.
* The messages don’t contain any viruses.

Screen Popup is Free software which comes to you completely free of charge

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This is a screen popup program that broadcasts text messages through the Internet. The program can send messages remotely or locally. Once the program is installed on the client computer, it can be used freely.
The program is distributed archive. The installer makes sure that your computer can broadcast messages remotely to the server computer (locally) and can download messages remotely to your computer.
To use the program:
– Choose ‘Configurator’ to allow the program to be run correctly.
– Choose ‘Sender’ to configure your computer.
– Paste the message to be sent using the input field.
– If you want to transmit the message locally, choose ‘Proxy server’. The program won’t work at all if you choose ‘Local transmission’.
– If you want to transmit the message remotely, choose ‘Remote transmission’.
– Paste the IP or the name of the server computer.
– If you want to transmit the message through the Internet, choose ‘World Wide Web’. Paste the address of the site, which is a supported server.
– The program requires Internet connection.
– When the installation is done, use Help/About to check the installation path, the functions that you can use and the applications that can be run.
The program has no option to configure the destination computer automatically. In a few cases, the program just does not work with some network configurations. In that case, you should first check the configuration settings of your system.
Added Description:
The program is divided into two parts: Configurator and Sender.
In Configurator, you can configure your computer to be able to receive and send text messages. In your computer, the program sends messages to an address that you provide.
You can select and configure the following options in Configurator:
– Options
*Allow LAN transmission to remote computer
*Allow LAN transmission to local computer
*Allow Internet transmission to remote computer
*Allow Internet transmission to local computer
*Supports broadcast mode
*Local Transmission*
*Remote Transmission*
*Proxy Server*
*World Wide Web*
In Sender, you configure your computer to send messages to the server computer you choose. You must specify the following options in Sender:
– Options
*Allow Remote Transmission*
*Allow Local Transmission*
*Proxy Server*
*World Wide Web*
Installer Description:
– Select a

What’s New in the Screen Popup?

Screen Popup is a remote control tool that allows you to send/broadcast text messages to other computers on your network. Through it you can manage all your client computers automatically.

It provides a simple solution for sending a’screen pop’ to one or more clients by just pasting the desired text (defined by you) in the shared folder. Screen Popup has no need of any additional client software, no need for login, no need for an alert sound and no impact on the log off/shutdown procedures of the workstation.

Screen Popup is an easy to use tool for transmitting alerts.

The main features include:

The ability to send a’screen pop’ to one or more clients by just pasting the desired text (defined by you) in the shared folder.

The ability to manage all your client computers automatically.

The ability to remotely install an agent on the client computers on your network.

The ability to make the alert popup appear at any time, send the alert to all or just to the connected clients and to make the alert appear as a’soft’ popup.

The ability to configure your connections and make the alert popup appear in full screen.

The ability to configure the alert popup and make it appear on the right top or bottom corner of the screen.

The ability to configure the alert popup and make it look good on a client workstation.

The ability to save the alert popup to a text file.


Installation and configuration of the agent on the clients on your LAN.

Generation of alert messages.

Configuration of the alerts.

Configure the alerts to appear at any time.

Show the alerts to the connected clients.

Show the alert as a soft popup.

Show the alerts in full screen.

Show the alerts to the right top or bottom corner of the screen.

Configure how the alerts will look.

Save the alert popup to a text file.

Configurable alerts.

Alerts configuration and appearance.

Up to 5 messages can be included in the alert and the message/speech option to be used is selected via the “advanced” dialog.

Remote installation

Soft popups with an adjustable display on the screen.

Configurable alerts configuration, display option.

Sending Messages

Multiple and configurable alerts can be sent by the ‘

System Requirements For Screen Popup:

Supported OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Processor: Intel Pentium II or above
RAM: 256 MB of RAM
Graphics: 1024 × 768 Display
Sound Card: Built-in microphone
Additional Notes: This product is released under the Terms of Use and License Agreement found here: form
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