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SemTop! Crack + 2022 [New]

SemTop! For Windows 10 Crack is a lightweight system tool to bring back the top most of all windows.
It allows you to pin certain windows forever. You may also set windows to top most status every time they start, by pressing hot key.

It is a system menu tool that runs hidden within your active desktop window.
Choose the window you would like to pin to the top most.

It will generate a small drawing pin at the top left corner of the active window
Which you can drag with your mouse in any direction to pin other windows in the same state.

– Pin to Top option.
– Pin to Bottom option.
– Pin to Left option.
– Pin to Right option.
– Enable Hot Key, choose the hot key you like. You can also choose the Hot key like default Windows key.
– Mark the Pinning status of window in Window’s title bar.

SemTop! aims to make your Windows feel more comfortable like the way they do with the traditional Windows top-most/pinned windows layout.

Current version is

You may uninstall SemTop! from menu.

1. Install Software from:  “Add/Remove Programs”
2. Open Control Panel. Then choose:  “Programs” -> “Programs and Features” and uninstall “SemTop! version 2.0.0”.

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SemTop! Crack +


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You can prevent the changing of the active window by activating the option to “always on top”.
Press ALT+F10 to open the screen options, and then scroll down and activate “Always on top”.
This is a common feature in Windows.


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SemTop! Crack+ Torrent (Activation Code) [2022]

1) Allows you to keep certain windows always on top of others. It does so by registering semaphores which are used by the program. The change will be permanent.
2) It allows you to change your system state (pinned windows or not) with one mouse click.
3) There is no setting, no configuration: it does everything automatically.
4) It is a small fast utility.
5) The program uses a method called semaphores, which have no equivalent in OS X.
6) The program does not monitor your system state or data. It makes no difference if the system is frozen, or it is prepared to go to sleep.
7) The program works with any window on any OS version.
8) The “small” utility has a “big” secret.
9) The program is developed by a small group of friends and is here for free.


What’s New In?

SemTop! is an interactive system tray application that allows you to “pin” Windows to always be on top. You can choose one or more windows to be always on top of other windows. SemTop! will also remember your choice every next start. 

The application tray icon lets you to select a window to “pin” to the top or to set auto-activation on top. You can select multiple windows by clicking on “Pin” buttons, or drag them around with the “cursor”. If you don’t want to pin any windows, just press “ Hotkey “ which is set by default. This means that you can bind an hotkey to a short cut or Windows menu, and SemTop! will turn on the program for you. For example if you press “win + D”, the application will be activated and windows will be pinned automatically.  After pressing the “Hotkey”, the pinned windows will return to previous state. If you select multiple windows, the application will take them to the top automatically.  You can select a hotkey from “Settings” to assign a shortcut (like “win + D”) to a window.  After that the window will be pinned automatically every time you start the program. For the windows to be permanently pinned, set the “Window priority” in “Settings” to highest. 
As a system tray application  SemTop! doesn’t activate (and thus doesn’t consume memory) when you select the pinned windows.  Your current system tray taskbar can be used at any time.

Many windows can be pinned to the top and to the bottom. As an example, you can pin browser window to the bottom and system tray to the top and it will be always on top, but if other program has the focus then it will not be on top of windows pinned to the bottom.  When the window is always on top you can show the windows in Windows list (right click to show the list), or pinning some windows in SemTop! can make the “Show Windows list” shortcut active in Windows 7.

When the cursor is over a pinned window, the inner border and titlebar will be blue. You can reset all the pinned windows to be pinned in the list (right click on “pinned windows”), or you can allow all windows to be pinned with one click on “Pin

System Requirements For SemTop!:

Memory: 2 GB
HDD Space: 100 MB
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo / AMD Athlon X2
Graphics: Intel Integrated Graphics + ATI Radeon HD 3400
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Sound: Yes
Network: LAN connection, Internet connection
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
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