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NetFleet tries to accelerate the downloading process by using multiple connections for one file.
Now, you can use this open source and cross-platform multi-threaded download utility to quickly get the files you want.







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– Have multiple downloads running simultaneously
– Only one download running at a time
– Start downloading your files right away
– Mark the downloaded files in the app, so you can easily delete them
– Create playlists for your downloads
– Auto delete old files after a configurable period of time

NetFleet Torrent Download Features:
– Download multiple files at the same time
– Multiple downloads running at the same time, no waiting for previous to complete
– Download with random file names, or set them before downloading
– Download parallel files of different size
– Start downloading as soon as the first file is downloaded
– Mark the downloaded files in the app so you can delete them later
– Create playlists
– Configurable auto delete of old files
– Download ready display, customizing the screenshot image

NetFleet Product Key is a great download manager, which is multi-threaded and can download files in parallel. You can download from different servers at the same time and provide multiple URLs per download in some cases. You can download multiple files and set their names before beginning the download.

The app’s interface, however, is limited and sometimes difficult to follow. The app also has some serious limitations. The three big ones being:

– Long lasting downloads are not possible.
– The download manager does not support connections over SSL and therefore, downloads over HTTPS are not possible.
– Internet connection is required to download, therefore, Wi-Fi and cellular data network are disabled unless a Wi-Fi network is specified.

Installation, settings and overall usage

Installation is smooth, as there is no other action required. Settings are neat and simple to operate. A good addition is the option to download a ready screen, which is shown when a download is completed. As well, there is an option to enable auto-deleting of files after a period of time.

Downloading of files is fast and simple. There is an option to download files in parallel with different size and names. You can choose between random names, fill custom names or set them to download before downloading. You can also create playlists for a more organized way of browsing your downloads.

Downloading requires an internet connection. Wi-Fi and cellular network are disabled during the download process unless Wi-Fi networks are specified.

Sync feature does not work with all servers. As a result, speed is not guaranteed.

The app’s interface is fairly simple. It provides the basic info about

NetFleet [2022-Latest]

NetFleet is a client-side multi-threaded multi-conection download utility using web-based API.
It can download files quickly using different download protocols including HTTP, FTP, and BitTorrent.
The main goal is to improve the download speed.
NetFleet will use multiple connections to download your files.
In order to use NetFleet, the http servers need to be set up in parallel as well as the client and browser.

Advanced possibilities

– Automatic download queue selection.

– File and data splitting.

– Customize the page load while downloading files.

– Alternate HTTP version selection for each file.

– Support for nested XML parsing.

– Works with files:

– HTML file (zip, tar.gz, bz2, etc)

– All types of ASCII and Unicode files

– Binary files

– Zip files

– Rar files

– HTML documents

– Word documents

– PDF files

– Image files

– Zip archives

– etc.

– Files:

– XML documents

– HTML/XHTML documents

– Zip archives

– Rar archives

– HTML/XHTML images

– Text files

– Images

– etc.

– Newsgroup attachments

– etc.

– Network location:

– Custom location

– FTP location

– HTTP location

– HTTP location based on the file name

– SSH location

– Start immediately

– Delay the download process (seconds)

– Delay the download process (minutes)

– Detecter http Location:

– Custom http location

– FTP Location (in case of FTP download)


– HTTP Location based on the file name

– etc.

– DNS, Proxy, Socks Port:

– Custom DNS

– Custom proxy/socks server

– etc.

– File Size Limits:

– Custom file size limit for each step

– None

– Auto

– Custom

– Custom file size limit for each download protocol

– Custom file size limit for each protocol (separate limit, not all protocols merge together into one)

– etc.

– Supported protocols:



– Bit

NetFleet Torrent (Activation Code)

This is a portable network tool that speeds up file downloading.
It acts as a multiple connections download accelerator, improving performance of up to 5 times.
NetFleet is multithreaded, can be used for both LAN and WAN connections, requires no installation, uses a very small amount of disk space and memory.
* Connects to a host on the internet.
* Connects to LAN, Serial and Parallel ports.
* Supports multiple HTTP, HTTPS and ftp connections.
* Can resume incomplete downloads.
* Gives you the total transferred and total size of the download.
* Shows your download status.
* Can show statistics per connection
* Settings.
* A simple wizard to get you started.
* Auto-detection of connection type.
* Upgrade available.
* Comes with a small README file.
* Free for non-commercial use.
* Free for LAN/serial/parallel connections.
* By the author.
1. Backup your current sysutils directory.
2. Run configure.exe
3. Copy the downloaded files and click on Start Installing.
4. Finish the wizard and press Finish.
5. In the main menu, select “NetFleet”
6. Click on “Settings” and then “Advanced Settings”.
7. Press “Apply” to save your changes.
This software should work on any system but will not work without the following things.
* Windows XP, Vista, 7 or Windows Server 2003.
* If you are using a serial or parallel connection, you must have a Multiboot Serial driver
* If you are using a parallel connection, you must have a parallel port driver available.
* You must have a modem connected to the parallel port.
The code is Copyright (c) 2010 by Ingo Weidauer.
The design is Copyright (c) 2005 by Wo & KaK.
The web site is Copyright (c) 2003 by Wo & KaK.
All rights reserved.
You are free to use, modify and distribute this software in any way you like.

What’s New In NetFleet?

NetFleet is a multi-threaded download tool for Windows and Linux. It fetches all files found by a given FTP URL and saves them to your local hard disk.
You can use it to download an entire directory or a single file. It can also resume unfinished downloads, prioritize concurrent downloads and download via multiple connections.

Simply add the URL, select the file(s) you want to download and choose how you want to continue the download. It’s as easy as that.
NetFleet Key features:

Downloads all files found by a given URL.
Keeps an approximate record of the last file and directory downloaded and you can resume unfinished downloads.
Supports five different connection modes: Serial, Duplex, Baudrate, Timeout and Compressed.
Supports resume for HTTP, FTP and HTTP+FTP connections.
Supports maintaining your own local cache of downloaded files.
You can set the default resume point to zero, even for HTTP downloads.
Keeps track of the total time a download lasted.
It has an advanced and comprehensive statistics tab.
Supports a command line interface for interactive mode.
Parses all the meta data about the download and shows it in an easy-to-read table.

Do you like NetFleet? It’s available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS. It’s completely free of charge.

What’s new in version 3.7.0 of NetFleet?

Ditch the GUI. The NetFleet multi-threaded download utility is now available for both Windows and Linux.
No need to look further. Just click on the download button below.

NetFleet – four downloads per week. What will you download?

Do you like NetFleet? It’s available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS. It’s completely free of charge.

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Source code for NetFleet is available for anyone to study under the GPL v3.0 license.
Do not hesitate to ask a question about it, and don’t be shy. You might even be the one to write the next update or fix a bug.
Thanks!Grammatical errors are everywhere in language. It’s in the way we talk. We sometimes use wrong words, structure wrong sentences and order words in the

System Requirements For NetFleet:

OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
Windows 7/8/8.1/10 Processor: 2 GHz or faster (4 GHz recommended)
2 GHz or faster (4 GHz recommended) Memory: 1 GB RAM
1 GB RAM Graphics: 2GB video memory (with DirectX 11), and 16GB RAM (with DirectX 11)
2GB video memory (with DirectX 11), and 16GB RAM (with DirectX 11) DirectX: Version 11
Version 11 Storage: 2GB available space
How to Install: