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“Transformice is a 5-player game where you play as a character capable of transforming into various monsters. Its most notable feature, however, is its lack of fairness. One person creates a monster, and the other four play as that monster – and the problem is, they don’t know who it is they’re being.”Get it herePC GamerWhy can’t I stop playing it? It’s a plastic crap game with cool one-liners.Kotaku
Game “Leviathan” Gameplay:
“It’s a fast-paced, action-packed arcade shooter where you control the Infinite. As the Infinite, you can fire fast, move fast, and destroy everything in your path. As a human, your only ability is to either fire from a machine gun or jump a gap. These abilities can be combined to make some awesome combos. You can jump, fire, then jump. You can fire, jump, and then fire again. Etc, etc.”Get it here
Game “Imagination Control” Gameplay:
“Imagination Control is a point-and-click adventure game about a woman who has lost her memory and a robotic helper that can do things only she can think of. The game features a fabulous art style and loads of quirky humor.”Get it hereOpinion: When in Rome … Thought Police

When in Rome

By Penny Johnson, 24 November 2017

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It’s time for the state to ditch the presumption of innocence. In the case of the World Cup, that means giving up any pretence at respecting the legal principle of innocent until proven guilty. For Australians who do not happen to be soccer fans, we have been quite generous to Brazil in recent years.

Supporters have gathered everywhere to witness the miracle of the human game. They have waited in line for hours to see something they have only experienced on television, in bluster, bluster and more bluster. They have also waited in lines for food and accommodation and there are many more people who have done none of these things. They have paid for their tickets, much less than the maximum they would have had to pay in Australia, and those that did will have enjoyed the privilege of watching the spectacular and colourful scenes, and in some cases the winning, that Brazil has provided.

On Monday night, Australia had the dubious pleasure of witnessing the embarrassing upsets of Costa Rica and Serbia. Just yesterday, we had the excitement of watching an


Features Key:

  • Unfair behaviour by the production.
    Your family, friends and followers help a famous family industry. You are the famous family owner and the sole boss of a brewing company. However, the brewing company employs 16 people and produces different types of beer. Your aim is to keep 10 brewers to work at your company. Customers prefer your beer.
  • Customers buy the beer, not the worker.
    Customers continually invent orders for a whole lot of beer, but the worker cannot produce enough. With the current lack of workers, your customers always come back to your company.
  • Use your own car and van to transport and deliver the beer.
    The prices for the workers and beer delivery depend on the transport and delivery costs: when your car is full, the delivery costs per beer more and so on.
    You own a number of delivery trucks.
  • The high wages.
    Your workers always get high wages and benefits. The cost of their food is dependent on the number of beers brewed at your company and their number of breaks.

The Brew Barons Gamesplay at

  • Designed by
  • Made for the Windows platform.
  • Unfair behavior by the production.
  • In-game hints and controls.
  • Game can be played very quickly.
  • Customizable buttons for different screen resolutions.
  • Quality of animation.
  • English language version of game.


Operation Osama Bin Laden

1.Witch baby is a sword-wielding boy with a lot of charm, which is not as polite as it is hateful. He will be your enemy in this game.
2.Because he has a “zombie” look, he hides by himself and does not want to be seen or heard, but he loves to fight and is fond of herbs and vegetable.
3.The player will play as this boy to collect the herbs and fruits that he needs, beat enemies, hunt and kill monsters in different worlds to prove oneself and find his redemption.



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+ game + quality + covers + history it is truly amazing this is a favourite of mine is Aeon Re:mega and Aeon Re:zero one can’t really find a game like this nowadays so thank you for making thisQ:

Apply a style to the last element in a list

I have a list of images and I want to apply a background color to the last image in the list.
I tried this.

Now what i want is to apply a background-color to the last image in the list. The list has a dynamic length. What is the best way to do it?


You could use the :last-child selector, for example:
.ul > li:last-child{
background-color: red;


Relationship between the electrochemical activities of arsenite and arsenate anions in polymer membrane potentiostats.
The relationship between the electrochemical activities of arsenite and arsenate anions


Operation Osama Bin Laden With License Key Free Download [April-2022]

This is a custom Super Hamster Havoc skin for Skyrift. You can install this by selecting ‘Super Hamster Havoc’ from the wardrobe menu of the Skyrift engine. You can also add it to the users list of FGG skin packs. Instructions on how to do that will be added in the ‘Greetings’ tab after purchase.There will be no special features with this addition, and it will be one of the default super hamster skins offered. This is made for the sole purpose of being usable in skyrift. If you are interested in the other default skins offered please check out the skins section on the user guide.
Development Super Hamster Havoc:
– Looks like hamster
– Fits the game perfectly
– Adds additional buttons and animations to the already present ones, but it does not break the functionality of the skins or the game in any way
– An extra skin to the already existing Super Hamster Havoc skin collection
Playlist 13 Songs – No Additional Functionality
Unlocked – When purchased, the skyrift music player will show up in the game in the menu
– Yes, there is one song added to the playlist, along with some other themes which are found in the game
Gameplay Infinite Vortex:
– Adds an animated vortex to the side of the plane to serve as a visual aid for the physics system of the game.
– The size of the vortex is determined by how fast the player spins the plane
– When spinning too fast the plane will leave the vortex
– When spinning slowly enough the plane will stay inside the vortex
– As the player spins the plane faster and faster, the vortex will be rendered in an increasingly large size.
This makes the player more aware that it is spinning at an increasing speed, and if the player spins the plane even faster the vortex can leave the sides of the screen. The player is encouraged to speed up the spinning of the plane to see how the vortex behaves when it leaves the screen and flies towards the left and right sides of the screen.
Vortex Color:
– If the vortex is on the right side of the screen, it is blue
– If the vortex is on the left side of the screen, it is orange
– If the vortex is in the middle of the screen, it is yellow
Unlocked – When purchased, the skyrift music player will show up in the game in the menu
– Yes, there is one song added to the playlist, along


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