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Includes 5 songs from the soundtrack:
“Head Down”
“Get Your Chug”
“Close To Me”
“Always There”
“Almost Crazy”
We can’t wait to share these songs with you!

Publisher Description


The return of Gordon Freeman, you ready? Half-Life’s newest adventure features the return of Gordon, a benevolent robot-bunker dwelling physicist whose last memory is of a pod-destroyer. You must use your wits and arsenal to become the best damsel-rescuer of all time!

Once again the creators of the hit-game Half-Life have brought you this amazing and adorable and also creepy point and click game Half-Life: Restore-Life! Half-Life: Restore-Life is a fun and incredibly relaxing game that will put a twist to your senses. This point and click adventure game is worth a give a shot!

Four years have passed since the events of Half-Life. Gordon Freeman has long since walked the earth in search of a way to survive the Black Mesa Crisis. Overlooked by his former colleagues, he has been the subject of many rumors about his survival.

Half-Life: Restore-Life is a new point-and-click adventure, with a comedic touch. Based on the great, old game series. Taking place four years after the events of the first game of the series, you are Gordon Freeman. A sort of amnesiac, you find yourself in a city of devastated, where once was a prison. As you will figure out as you go along, you have forgotten most of the things, but you also found a lot of stuff. You’ll even meet a lot of familiar faces. This is your way home.

You’ll have to find your way out of the abandoned city, and be a good you. You’ll have to solve tricky puzzles, interact with lots of interesting characters, and lead them to safety.

How will you do it? That’s up to you.

Featuring a hand-drawn ambient soundtrack, and a final scene written by the author of the original game series, H.R. Giger (known for the Alien series), Half-Life: Restore-Life is a compelling and brand new point-and-click experience.

When a virus hits the internet, cyber criminals take it as an opportunity to make a quick buck. Some of them have a sinister agenda. You are a hacker. Your


Features Key:

  • You can play multiplayer guitar!
  • For you to be able to record and pause certain sections of the game
  • Allow you to use an external microphone
  • It can store your recording for playback
  • Quickly add songs to your collection
  • Songs can be uploaded to for your collection
  • Have fun and be creative!

    eMedia Guitar Method Game Key Features:

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      The Gun is in your hands! A world of carnage and destruction awaits you. In this fast paced multiplayer fps game Polywar you’re a warrior and a hunter in a living combat simulation. So what are you waiting for? Take control and shoot!Features
      Online multiplayer matches
      Unlock new abilities
      Unlock new weapons
      Unlock new decorations, different viewfinders and character
      A total of 62 unlockable things
      12 unique weapons
      About This Game:
      The Gun is in your hands! A world of carnage and destruction awaits you. In this fast paced multiplayer fps game Polywar you’re a warrior and a hunter in a living combat simulation. So what are you waiting for? Take control and shoot!Cheran Varkey

      Cheran Varkey (born 28 March 1986) is an Indian field hockey player and current captain of the Men’s Hockey team. He was a member of the India national field hockey team that finished fourth at the 2012 Men’s Hockey Champions Trophy. Varkey has also been a member of the Indian squad that finished runners-up at the 2010 World Cup and 2012 Champions Trophy. He has won the silver medal at the 2008 Sultan of Johor Cup in Malaysia. He was awarded the Arjuna Award in 2013 by the Government of India. He was also a member of the Indian squad that finished runners-up at the 2013 Men’s Hockey World Cup in the Netherlands.


      External links

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      A Token Pack is a collection of tokens, each with varying abilities that can be mixed and matched in a variety of different combinations.
      Token Packs are designed to add variety and flexibility to your character creation process. If you need a certain ability and your stat distribution is off, you can pick up a token pack and tweak the traits accordingly. Token packs support the following features:
      • Tokens all have abilities. Some are a single ability, some have multiple.
      • Tokens can have positive or negative abilities. A common example is the Grappler, which can run away, attack you, or stop and grapple.
      • You can combine abilities on a single token, or add a new ability to an existing token.
      • You can flip stat requirements on some abilities or combine two abilities that normally have the same stat requirements (called “matching abilities”) to get the abilities into a different combination.
      • You can make a token token instead of a character. For example, you can make a character with three attacks, but instead of attacking, you can give him the Grouper ability, and then give him two Gruppers, one with the ability to run, and the other with the ability to stop and grapple. Now your character can move away from you, and he can attack you if someone gets to close, but his grapnel ability is always ready.
      • Tokens can be leveled up, and each level increases the maximum ability score.
      • Each token is marked with its level, and you can level up existing tokens. The maximum level, though, is limited.
      • You can attack a character by spending hit points, or use special abilities.
      • You can use spells in many ways. Spells can be cast as a standard attack, used as a special ability, or tied to a token.
      • You can use scrolls and potions to cast spells.
      • You can use items from your backpack, your inventory, or your character sheet.
      The token pack included with this module has the following creatures in it:
      • Mite: Tiny spiders. One uses jump attack with a net to destroy a target.
      • Leopard: A small cat with strength and claw attacks.
      • Shark: A large, shark-like water dragon.
      • Cyclops: A large eyeball that has electric breath, chomp, and hurl it.
      • Giant: An enormous creature of sorts.
      • Demon Tree: An odd, tree-demon hybrid that explodes when you attack.


      What’s new:

      Friday, May 17, 2014

      Wednesday, February 5, 2014

      Every Tuesday and Thursday morning, I publish a Tweet about our Water Color Class and it’s been covered on Martha Stewart, Sally Bolton, Clean and Easy and a few other spots.

      It’s been fun to see our students go out and paint on Grandma’s coffee cans and flowerpots. Last night, PIPE went around and talked to the group about her own childhood and her obsession with paint, that then took a different turn. Time and again, as she shared her childhood, she included a picture of herself, a child, play-painting…But then she changed tack. She shared without the focus on herself, her younger self, we see her childhood — So maybe it’s just her way of letting us all in. She is so curious to know who we all are.

      Below are a few key passages and pictures from this morning’s class…now that our Clapboard Window is done, we’re truly into Spring at Westie.

      “That play paints are universal…creating a similar texture on a tree trunk from many different paints is incredible, and a clever use of memory. PIPE wants to explore the roles of the teacher and the student in this classroom space. ”

      “PIPE is interested in architecture. What if school was a home – with design as its 5-year old. How would the room look like if school was an extension of a house”

      The paint brush in the playground.Two of PIPE’s students work on the Clapboard Window. There are many reasons to paint “aloft”, but this class chooses this shape as a talking point.

      PIPE’s Work Envelope for MarchHere are the following concepts behind the 3 paintings we worked on:

      Weather Prediction (Early Spring)

      Lesson Plan (School)

      Painting Weather Prediction

      With a clean canvas (inspired by the Clapboard Window we painted last night), I suggested; “When you paint, it’s interesting how a painting can start to look the same, regardless of the in-between illustration. It’s the outside lines that separate, yet I like the way they become blurred.”

      PIPE started as the rain came pouring down, so the trees were green and glistened. A car stopped in front of the house, and the roofline was soft, so it helped the light flow through


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      IQ Scale is a fast paced arcade racing game where you have to navigate a level of different game modes (15) with an endless number of bazillion racers by either steering an AI’ed driver or by flinging the ball at them! It’s quite hard to explain but easy to play!
      You can select from several different racing drivers with wide variety of personality and appearance.
      + Fun, Free and Easy
      + 15 Racing Games in 1
      + Endless Runner
      + Level Based/Difficulty Selection
      + Quick Level Loads
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      + Epic Boss Battles
      + MultiplayerQ:

      How can I update a MySQL database using a webpage?

      I’m trying to create a php and mysql-based form that will allow a person to enter data into a database. The entry will be quite simple. The user will be prompted to enter two things: a code (a long string of letters and numbers, say “732123456789”) and a phone number, and will then submit the form.
      I want to accept the two values via this form and (if they’re valid) add them to a table in the database. One user of the application may have a database with thousands of accounts and it wouldn’t make sense to have to reenter every single record every time I make a change.
      My question is: Is there a way that I can put the data into the database when the user clicks “Submit” without having to reenter it?
      One idea I had is to have the form contain two or three separate input fields (the “code” and “phone number” and “password” fields), and then use the “code” to get the data into the database, but that seems to defeat the purpose of a form.
      Any ideas?


      There’s always an alternative. PHP supports a form builder library.

      What you need to do is to build the form, validate each field, and then save into the database. All of this can be done automatically by a script on the server side, which means one does not need to write any PHP at all to accomplish it.
      The form builder library will create the form for you, allowing you to enter HTML. Using the functionality of the library, you can validate each field, and then automatically save


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