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I’m loading that into a NSMutableURLRequest to make it a HTTP GET
Here is the code:
NSMutableURLRequest *request = [NSMutableURLRequest requestWithURL:[NSURL URLWithString:[NSString stringWithFormat:@””]]];
[request setHTTPMethod:@”GET”];

self.request = request;

[NSURLConnection connectionWithRequest:self.request delegate:self];

In the didReceiveResponse delegate I am processing the response:
if ([self.response respondsToSelector:@selector(allHeaderFields)] && self.response!= nil) {
NSLog(@”Response:%@”, self.response);

if ([self.response respondsToSelector:@selector(contentLength)] && self.response!= nil && (self.expectedContentLength > 0)) {
NSString *responseText = [NSString stringWithUTF8String:[self.responseData bytes]];
if ([responseText hasPrefix:@”{“jsonrpc”: “2.0”}”]) {
NSDictionary *json = [responseText JSONValue];
json = [json objectForKey:@”jsonrpc”];
if ([json isEqualToString:@”2.0″]) {
self.response = self.responseData;
self.finishedLoadingResponse = NO;


if (self.finishedLoadingResponse) {


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Garrett on Baseball

I have been asked several times about what I think of the Washington Nationals so far this season. It’s been easy to see that many teams will be in a transitional stage, until they figure out exactly what they want to do. The Nationals have done very well so far. It helps that they have had a revolving door of coaches, and a solid core of players. The core has stayed the same, but players have come and gone (I can’t wait for Strasburg to be a regular starter). The guys that have come in have done a good job. The first couple of games it looked like Denard Span was going to come in and be the starting CF next to Adam Dunn, but he hasn’t been as good as I had hoped. It seems we have been forced into a different lineup every other day, but the guys that we have gotten have shown that they can come in and succeed, but it takes a combination of things for them to succeed. During the last week or so, the Nationals have played some of their best baseball of the year, losing two of their four losses to the division rivals St. Louis Cardinals.

The Washington Nationals play the Philadelphia Phillies in the final game of a three-game set at home Friday. The game will be aired on MASN at 7:00 PM. The Nationals currently hold a record of 4-3 while the Phillies are 8-1. The game will be broadcasted on The Comcast SportsNet by Chris Cwik, Eric Stephen, Mike Bordick, Steve Wilkerson, and Danny Turman.

About Me

I am a stat freak. I love baseball, specifically the Washington Nationals, so I decided to create this blog to share my analysis and views on the team. I am a former college baseball player myself, and now I am a sports management major at York College.>


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Creating a uml activity diagram using mysql database diagram

I have created a mysql database and wish to create an activity diagram for that database using mysql java API. Can you please advice me if I am doing something wrong? I am unable to generate the UML diagram.


All the traditional uml tools will work if the database metadata is exported in an appropriate format (such as XML).
The proprietary uml for mysql is called the RML (R Programming Language). It is a dialect of uml for relational databases. It consists of a set of language constructs along with a UML profile. The profile is implemented by a 2.5 version of eclipse called RAP (Relational Activity Palette). A tutorial is here.
You would need to use this RAP plugin for Eclipse to view the resulting UML model.

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