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Samsung Support Center is a software package developed by the well-known manufacturer that aims to provide assistance to any user of a Samsung computer in situations when the system is not working properly.
Created especially for Samsung machines, the application comes preinstalled on new computers, offering you troubleshooting help for common problems that might occur, as well as support for performing drivers and software updates and enhancing the overall performance of the PC.
The application can handle frequent problems that might result in computer errors, offering solutions on the spot for Internet access failures, system restoring, Windows recovery, laptop battery management and other similar situations.
It displays instructions on how to solve the problem, but if that is not enough, you are advised to proceed to running a complete system diagnosis. This procedure can check the sound system, the monitor display, the network connections and the system functioning, running various verifications to ensure that everything is working as it should.
One worth mentioning advantage is related to the backup and restore options. Practically, this function allows you to manage restore points, create data backups and even return the PC to the original state at the purchase date.
Additionally, the application comprises a set of system management tools that facilitate file transferring from one PC to another, cleaning the computer (deleting temporary and junk files), configuring the network settings, running disk defragmenting and taking measures to prolong the battery life.
If you cannot find a solution to your problem, there is a web chat function that you can use to request remote assistance from the online Samsung customer support.
Samsung Support Center provides access to professional troubleshooting options, helping you address frequent issues. It bundles tools intended for ensuring that your Samsung system is functioning at optimized parameters.


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PDF Thumbnail Generator 1.12 [Mac/Win]

Download and convert PDF into thumbnails.
Using “PDF Thumbnail Generator” you can quickly generate a thumb-size preview of any PDF document.
PDF Thumbnail Generator allows you to easily create preview images for your PDF files.
iTunes to Win is a powerful and easy to use iTunes conversion tool.
It allows you to directly convert your iTunes music, movies, TV shows and apps from your Mac to WAV, MP3, AAC, M4A, and FLAC files.
1. Convert iTunes music to MP3.
2. Convert iTunes movies to MP4, MKV and AVI.
3. Convert iTunes TV Shows to AVI, MP4, MKV and WEBM.
4. Convert iTunes Apps to APK for Android.
5. Convert iTunes music, movies, TV shows, and apps with original quality.
6. Complete and powerful conversion tasks.
It’s Easy to Use and Free:
– Add movies, TV Shows, Apps from iTunes.
– Choose the output format from WAV, MP3, AAC, M4A and FLAC.
– Decide which audio track you want to keep, and delete the other audio tracks.
– Cut the audio files into shorter parts.
– Change the output path.
– Preview and adjust the output settings before you convert.
– Export your playlist to MP3 music files.
iTunes To Android is the only free iTunes to Android Converter that can directly convert your iTunes music, movies, TV shows and apps to Android.
Main Features:
– Select the output folder, the number of copies and the source format.
– Adjust the output bitrate and the quality of the output.
– Manually add the output format you want, or it will automatically include them.
– Save the audio tracks you don’t want to delete into the output folder.
– Preview and adjust the output settings before you convert.
– Import the output folder and resume your iTunes conversion.
– Export your playlist to iPhone.
– Retain the original artwork.
– Support Music, Movies, TV Shows and Apps.
– Support for all models of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
– Apply the video effect and set it as the screen saver.
– Customize the cover of the output APP.
– Support for CoreAudio and FFMPEG.
– Support for CoreAudio only.
iTunes To Android is the only free iTunes

PDF Thumbnail Generator 1.12 Full Version [Win/Mac]

PDF Thumbnail Generator is one of the easiest way to create a PDF Thumbnail. With PDF Thumbnail Generator you can quickly create interactive and responsive emails, application/Internet landing page, photo gallery, etc. With this tool, you can create nice looking images from your original PDF file. And this tool can easily create transparent and pixelated thumbnails from your scanned PDF document.
PDF Thumbnail Generator Features:
1. You can easily create professional looking thumbnails from your scanned or regular PDF file.
2. You can easily add interaction, text, image, etc. to thumbnails.
3. You can easily set background and foreground colors of the thumbnails.
4. You can easily control the rotation of thumbnails.
5. You can easily create thumbnail from regular PDF file and PDF attachments.
6. You can easily select the portion of the thumbnails to be added to your original file.
7. You can easily delete any area of the original PDF file.
8. You can easily convert the thumbnails to any image format (JPEG, TIFF, PNG etc.) and also to PDF file.
9. You can easily save the thumbnail to your computer.
10. You can easily export the thumbnail to various image format.
It supports the latest ActiveX technology and it does not require any installation.
The simplest form of graphical user interface that any user can quickly learn and use. It supports the latest ActiveX technology and it does not require any installation.
UnzipIt! Pro is an easy-to-use software which enable users to easily extract a wide range of different file types which can be found stored on a computer or network drive.
It can extract archive files (.zip,.rar,.ace,.ace7z,.tar,.tgz,.gz), database files, html files and much more. With this tool you can also save your progress at any stage and unzip any file multiple times, you can follow paths when unzipping and you can limit the amount of allowed memory usage for each unzip pass.
UnzipIt! Pro can also be used to retrieve information from web sites using the “Spider” feature.
The following features have been added to the regular version of this software:
– the ability to extract files on a remote server
– the ability to extract files on a remote server without installing Windows Firewall and antivirus
– Full compatibility with Windows 7
– Full compatibility with Windows Vista

PDF Thumbnail Generator 1.12 Crack+ License Keygen Free Download For PC

PDF Thumbnail Generator, as the name suggests, allows you to easily generate thumbnails for PDF documents. This is done so that your PDF documents can look as appealing as they are.
The thumbnail generator allows you to include links to other pages in the same PDF file, thus making it easy for your customers to navigate through them and for you to track where each individual chapter is in a file. The thumbnails can also be linked, allowing users to open them with a PDF reader.
PDF Thumbnail Generator is really easy to use. It is a completely automatic application. All you need to do is select the source PDF document and follow the on-screen instructions.
PDF Thumbnail Generator is not a PDF Editor, PDF Converter or anything of the sort, but rather a simple application that can be used as an alternative if you want to have a more appealing look to your PDF documents. You may also use it for previewing PDF documents or creating what is known as an index if you are in a hurry.
Finder: Plug-In Description:
Finder: Plug-In allows you to convert Find My files into e-mail messages and/or PDFs. All you need is a Microsoft Outlook account or contact list to be able to convert your Find My files into PDFs and email messages using the plug-in.
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What’s New in the PDF Thumbnail Generator?

PDF Thumbnail Generator is a wizard plugin that allows you to generate thumbnails of PDF documents, images or websites. You can use it for any PDF document. Or you can use it to generate image thumbnails or watch thumbnails generated by website scanners.
PDF Thumbnail Generator allows you to choose folder, document or website for generating thumbnails. Then you can click “Generate Thumbnails” to generate thumbnails from chosen document. PDF Thumbnail Generator allows user to select grid size and thumbnail size.
PDF Thumbnail Generator uses Wihtout Web Viewer to display PDF document or website. The document or website is handled as web URL, so it will be handled as if user click “Open” link in browser.
If you want to to change thumbnail size, please see “Image Thumbnail Settings” in dialog. And you can also change the folder in which directory thumbnail will be generated.
PDF Thumbnail Generator allows you to set thumbnail folders, which is used to store generated thumbnails. And it allows you to specify the folder where you want to save thumbnails when you have lots of thumbnails in a folder.
User can customize thumbnail, by using three main controls.
Thumbnails size control:
– Set grid size and thumbnail size
– Set minimum thumbnail size and maximum thumbnail size
– Save thumbnail name or name range and thumbnail folder
– Preview thumbnail
– Cancel
– Help and Options
Thumbnail folder:
– Set folder where you want to save thumbnails
– Delete a folder and create a new one
– Create a new folder

ChimeFinancial Report Tool is a very powerful and easy to use financial report software, and it can be used to create financial reports in PDF, HTML and MS Excel.
It has features such as consolidation of multiple month to month documents, year to year reports, analysis and performance reviews.
* Data integration – it’s able to integrate any data and SQL from various sources
* Consolidation of multiple month to month documents
* No off-the-shelf products – no additional licences, systems etc needed
* Flexible financial reporting
* Supports multiple currencies
* Supports all the major accounting methods
* Supports MS Excel and MS Word document export
* User defined variables
Able to download from online or local hard-drive
Are you looking for a financial report software, where reports can be done in PDF, HTML and MS Excel or able to download from online or local hard-drive?
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System Requirements:

The operating system requirements for the JKC Chaos Engine can be found on the JKC website.
Please note that the JKC Chaos Engine currently does not support Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1.
Developer information:
Where can I find more information about Jekyll?
You can find out more about Jekyll at the official website:
Jekyll Kit is a user guide for Jekyll and the