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* You can make any number of design adjustments simply by clicking the image and changing the slider controls, with no need to make a selection first.
* You can use a variety of cropping and scaling tools to fit images to your display, creating cleaner, more attractive images in the process.
* You can rotate, flip, crop, and distort images with simple, intuitive tools.
* You can join images together to create a single composition with the Lasso tool or pathfinder tools.
* You can separate and rejoin an image to reshape it with powerful plugins such as the Liquify filter.

Figure 1-2 shows a typical Photoshop view with a grid, which you use for visualizing the image areas in the layers.

**Figure 1-2:** Use the grid to help you see layers and filters on an image.

Photoshop also comes with a variety of filters, including many that you can apply individually. You can create interesting textures by applying one filter after another to your image in either sequence or layer. Figure 1-3 shows some of these features.

**Figure 1-3:** You can apply a series of filters to an image to achieve a certain effect.

Understanding the Layers

Photoshop has a robust command structure that includes layers, filters, and other powerful tools that enable you to make numerous changes to an image, including virtually all types of common graphic design tasks.

You start with a blank file, usually with the blank layer at the bottom. The various tools are applied to the image to make adjustments. Changes can be made to individual layers. These adjustments can include resizing, color, and text. The most useful layer in Photoshop is the Background layer, which holds your background.

Each Photoshop file is composed of layers, which enable you to quickly and easily modify any type of change. You can even flatten the layers to send your image to other applications. You can hide the layers or lock them so that they’re uneditable. You can also lock layers so that you can edit other layers without adversely affecting your edits. This is particularly helpful when you’re designing a web page that will ultimately be printed, or when you’re working on a design that you want to be able to quickly reload later.

Many people find the Layers panel the easiest way to navigate through the various changes in a Photoshop file.

Learning a few terms that can help you understand layers is a

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Although Photoshop is more powerful than Photoshop Elements, most people may find Photoshop Elements to be more intuitive to use.

While the free version of Photoshop will be good enough for most users, users may want to consider upgrading to the paid version of Photoshop Elements when they have a need for more advanced features such as masking, retouching, and creating effects and text.

When users buy the pro version of Photoshop, they are purchasing the software with all of its associated features. You won’t have to pay for the software again if you already own the software and you’ll also be able to install the pro version on as many computers as you wish.

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Some people say that the work you do on Photoshop will most likely be the same on Photoshop Elements. Some people, however, prefer to use Photoshop Elements because it is more accessible and therefore they can learn a program easier.

The differences between Photoshop and Photoshop Elements are summarized in the following table:

Advantages / Disadvantages Photoshop Elements Features: Retouching including removing defects, blurring, healing, and cloning, applying effects to images, text, video, and graphics, editing, removing unwanted objects and creating new shapes. Adjusts the brightness, contrast, and color, combines multiple images into one, creates and manipulates vector graphics (SVG files), and imports and exports to a variety of formats. Effects include vignette, color balance, brightness/contrast, sepia, negative/positive, tint, harden/soften, vibrance, wrinkles/smooth, and blurs. Image processing such as smart blur (for defocusing objects) and vignette (for softening the edges of photos). Text including adjusting size, cropping, coloring, shadowing, anti-aliasing, and adding effects (bold, italic, underline, etc.). Vector graphics including creating, editing, converting, resizing, and labeling. Color management including working with RGB and HSL color models. Printing including setting up the printer, modifying the color profile of print settings, and exporting the print settings. Paint tools include paint, airbrush, eraser, and pencil, brush tools include round, square, and free-form, masks, brushes, gradients, and patterns. Scroll and zoom tools include scroll, scroll bar, zoom bar, and buttons, various filters including grain, starburst, and blur.

For information about these features and a

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System Requirements For Photoshop Download Free Windows 7 Old Version:

* 4GB of RAM minimum
* NVIDIA GTX660 or better
* 1GB of VRAM
* 8GB of available space
* Microsoft.NET Framework 4.5 or later
* Windows XP or later
* Windows Vista or later
* 2.8GB of free space available on your hard disk
* NVIDIA game/application must be installed before launching the application
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