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If you’re just getting started with Photoshop, you can start using it as a basic image editor or you can use it to enhance the images you’ve made using another image editor. When you’re ready to master the program, you can move into the Advanced Photoshop mode. Advanced Photoshop gives you a toolkit of more complex features, including the ability to convert images from one file format to another, create computer graphics or elaborate 3-D scenes, and manipulate photographs in a way that no other program can match.

Photoshop and the Tools Panel

The panel of tools at the bottom of the workspace contains a palette of Photoshop tools that can be used to manipulate images. The Tools panel also includes a Paths tool that enables you to create lines, shapes, and other graphic elements using precise editing.

The Tools panel is accessed via the top right of the workspace. Your tools are listed in the middle area of the workspace with the most recently used tools listed on the right-hand side, and tools that are currently inactive on the left-hand side. Figure 1.5 shows the Tools panel.

1.5 Photographers need to work with layers to create and modify an image. The Tools panel enables you to use Photoshop tools to make these creations.

You can group the tools on the panel into sets of tools that work in the same way to create particular effects, such as the tools for retouching an image. Figure 1.6 shows the Retouch Layers group of tools that perform similar tasks, grouped together in a single category. The panel at the bottom of the workspace also contains a single category of tools that modify the overall look of an image.

You can also activate the Tools panel with the keyboard shortcut, Ctrl+Y.

Notice in Figure 1.5 how you can activate Photoshop tools without first having to open the image that contains the tool. You have access to the menu of tools just by clicking on the tool’s name in the Tools panel. Just select the item in the Tools panel, and then press the Enter (Return) key to open the image window. The Tools panel doesn’t change, but the image window does.

Working with Photoshop Layers

Photoshop enables you to create, modify, and then save image layers. These layers are like plastic sheets that cover the image. The result can be a complex structure with many individual layers. If you use Photoshop with the layers feature, you can draw lines, shapes, text, and even

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A full list of features in Photoshop Elements can be found below.

1. Basic tools and features

You can add new photos or photos saved on your computer.

You can crop the photo.

Choose which part of the photo to edit.

You can change the colors of the photo.

You can rotate the photo.

You can move the photo.

You can adjust the brightness of the photo.

You can straighten the photo.

You can adjust the contrast of the photo.

You can apply white balance, pick the color space and other options.

You can sharpen or blur the photo.

You can adjust the levels of the photo.

You can create a new document.

You can create a new layer.

You can change the size and resolution of the photo.

You can add text.

You can add a background.

You can create a new document folder.

You can create a new layer.

You can make the current layer the active layer.

You can create a selection from an existing layer.

2. Seaming tool

You can use the Seaming tool to connect selected edges of the photo or to join nearby edges of the photo.

3. Filters

You can apply special filters to your photo.

4. Text, layers, and vectors

You can use the text tool to add text to your photo.

You can use the layers tool to move elements of the photo to other layers.

You can use the fill and stroke tools to fill parts of the photo with a color.

You can use the eraser tool to remove parts of the photo.

You can create, edit, and delete text layers.

You can drag a vector object created in Adobe Illustrator to add it to your photo.

5. Trim

You can crop a photo.

You can add and remove part of the photo.

You can trim a photo to remove unnecessary parts.

6. Transform and edit

You can rotate the photo.

You can change the angle of rotation.

You can zoom in or out to fit the photo in a larger or smaller area.

You can change the perspective of the photo.

You can change the center of the photo.

You can expand or

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how to read XML into List

I have a program which reads XML file that is read from a link. I want to insert some values from this XML file into a List
This is my code for reading XML:
IEnumerable Nodes =
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Basically, I have a XML file like this:


This is the code to insert into a list
List colorList = new List();
XElement xml = XElement.Parse(text);
colorList.Add(“XmlDataID”, xml.Element(“XmlDataID”).Value);
colorList.Add(“XmlDataName”, xml.Element(“XmlDataName”).Value);
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This is how I write the values of the list to XML

I want to insert these values into a list and then output it to XML file. How can this be done?
P.S. The List is inserted but not the values.


Your code produces exactly the elements that you already declared in your List.
Simply get back the element values

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