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Pokemon Global Revolution Pc Password Crack

in june 2018, the online streaming platform vimeo suffered a data breach that exposed user email addresses. the attacker apparently targeted a company that provides support services for vimeo and in the email asked the recipient to click on a link in order to download an attachment. the attacker then copied the list of hashed passwords and email addresses and posted it to a public database. vimeo stated that they did not re-use any of the hashed passwords and they required affected users to change their passwords following the incident.

in august 2017, information security website kromtech posted a report detailing how they had obtained and analysed the passwords from a popular file sharing service. the data in question included 1.2 million records and included various unique usernames, email addresses and plain text passwords. kromtech verified the data with hibp subscribers who confirmed the passwords had previously been used and were stored in an unsalted sha-1 format. the data was subsequently marked as verified. in april 2019, kromtech published an extensive article detailing how they had acquired data from 20gb of files stored on a compromised server. the server contained over 7.5 million different files, 12 million different file names and 4.2 million different unique usernames. of the 2.8 million unique email addresses, nearly one third were found to be valid. kromtech informed hibp subscribers and the breach has subsequently been marked as verified.

in july 2018, a 14.6gb data dump was obtained from the third-party cloud storage service zaarly and included a total of 9.4 million records. the data was purloined in the form of daily backups taken from the service’s public web server and was subsequently verified using hibp subscribers who confirmed the data included email addresses, usernames and plain text passwords. on disclosure to hibp, zaarly informed they had contained the data for years and suspected it was obtained from the service’s third-party api provider, parse. the data was marked as verified. in april 2019, a series of unverified reports were made available online, highlighting the discovery of a private server containing a 12gb data dump. the server was subsequently found to contain data including over 1 million unique email addresses, usernames, passwords and full names. hibp subscribers confirmed nearly all of the data was genuine and the breach has been marked as verified. in september 2019, it was discovered that the data also contained over 7 million unique credit card records, expiry dates and cvvs. on verification with hibp subscribers, most of the data was confirmed as genuine and the breach has since been marked as verified.

in november 2018, an unverified data dump from a chinese social media giant was leaked online. the dump contained the usernames, email addresses, encrypted passwords and dates of birth of more than 61 million users and was subsequently verified by security researchers as genuine. the chinese social media company provided a public notice to their users on the leak and claimed that only 6% of the accounts are owned by their users.
in january 2019, the online dating website okcupid leaked about 7,000 passwords on a hacker forum. the leak was later verified as genuine by security researchers and okcupid blamed the leak on an employee who had not been using two-factor authentication. the leak was later verified as genuine by security researchers. the leaked data were used to gain access to the accounts of some okcupid users.
in july 2019, an unverified data dump of user information from the reddit forums of a german cloud computing company was leaked online. the dump included 2,721 unique emails, 588 unique usernames, 564 unique passwords and the encrypted passwords of the users. the leak was later verified as genuine by the security researcher who first reported the issue. the verified data dump was later added to hibp. the reddit forums where the leak came from are still active.
in august 2019, a security researcher by the name of asif ghalib discovered a data dump containing the emails, passwords and plain text notes of 72,000 citi bank customers. the unverified data dump was found online by a hacker who was selling it on the dark web. citi bank was not aware of the hack at the time of the disclosure and the data dump was later verified as genuine by security researchers. the unverified data dump included information such as the names, phone numbers, addresses and email addresses of the citi bank customers.