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[map: amazing artwork!]

I do so love graphic designer Mark Buehrle. He has an ongoing series of incredible lithographs, and now he’s moved on to maps.

“Map Puzzle” – the kind of map you struggle with for hours, finding your way through, but only accomplishing a (very tiny) part of the task. Something about these maps makes me want to break down and move continents, or knock them off their own axis, or just stick someone’s hand in the sea somewhere else and see what comes out. But I also feel an inner peace in these images, like it’s all so right.

From here we go to New York to meet some friends and have a party. We’re returning to Montreal just in time to watch the last day of the Parcours de la Jeunesse. (It ends up being the ugly Montréal version of the Olympic Games.) And, back in Montreal, to celebrate the end of our summer, the end of my contract, and the start of fall semester.

The amazing girl I work with has already bought her ticket for a flight out of here. So we’ll be heading back to Austin to start our working lives again. I’m thinking of an apartment, planning for the upcoming year, and I’m so excited to be starting graduate school this fall. Right before going back to school, though, I’ll be continuing with my studies here, and I’m so glad my employer is allowing me to do so. Even though the year has been a fantastic one, even better than I’d hoped, I’m so looking forward to being home with my family in the fall, and I’m looking forward

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