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Malware can also lock down your computer in order to prevent you from accessing your data. If you use Windows 10, this happens as soon as you download a cracked app. If you use Windows 8 and 7, you need to reboot and shut down your PC, then start your laptop.

According to a study carried out by McAfee, “by this time next year, in 2018, there will be another 48.4 billion Windows users on the planet.” If that statistic is right, the number of Windows users is expected to expand even more over the next few years. And software piracy isn’t going anywhere: in fact, it’s predicted to grow even further. The total number of counterfeit items sold during the first half of this year alone was estimated to be well over $11 billion. You can imagine what kind of impact that is going to have on the industry.

So what can you do to protect yourself from having your personal information stolen or your computer locked down? The most obvious step is not to install cracked software in the first place. But the biggest step of all is to guard against any sort of data breach from occurring. There’s no way of knowing who’s going to be a cyber criminal in the future, but you can take precautions to guarantee your safety now.

Securing your computer is going to be the best thing you can do. This will stop malware from infecting your computer, and it will allow you to safely use your device to the extent that you’re able.

The days of using cracked software are numbered. It’s never going to be a safe option. And if you’re ever tempted to use a cracked app, think about the consequences. You’re going to be the next victim of this epidemic. Get yourself some good security software and stop relying on these risky products.