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Using sticky-notes for task management or just plain text editors can only be a viable solution up to some point. When the workload is increasingly high, and the number of entries becomes large, keeping track of all the tasks and changes can become a real challenge. TreeNote is here to provide a solution to such issues, by offering a text-editor environment that supports tree-based task management, through a collection of hierarchical text entry tools.
Add text entries and turn them into tasks through the subtle interface
The primary method for managing text-based tasks in the app is through manual entry for each of the task and user will be able to add new lines with different characteristics. Once several lines have been added, sorting can be performed according to the numerical values provided to each task.
Quick keyboard shortcuts to each different note can be added at any time, and people can select the preferred item in the side-panel and customize the shortcut to their preferences. One issue that some might find bothersome is the fact that the program’s text characters cannot be customized, as the default ones are quite large.
Prioritize, sort and add “parent-child” dependencies on tasks
During the text input process, several predefined syntax operators can be added, such as “note”, “todo” or “done”, together with different colors for each row in particular. Internal linking is also supported, and so are dates for the entered tasks.
Besides the main, text entry functionality, users can also add dependencies in their tasks, by adding child categories to each primary class. This enables a much better hierarchical view of the inputted tasks.
Excellent task management program that enables users advanced note entry and prioritization
If organizing work or personal tasks on a whole new level is what users require, TreeNote will surely offer the necessary means to do so. Its set of text entry and task customization features are well designed and offer a good balance between parametrization and ease-of-use.







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You can treat notes as typed tasks that can be developed, completed, prioritized, sorted, and marked as done and open in any of the supported browser. All input syntaxes and interaction elements can be customized with your own fonts, colors, backgrounds, and text effects.
The app generates tasks when user types “Note” and “todo” for every typed word. The text-based tasks can be progressed through a note priority structure, and the commands can be bound to keyboard shortcuts to enhance the input process.
The text-based task entries can be tied together by different notes through the additional parent/child relationship element. The data associated with a task is also tied to the user, so that each user has their own set of task entries.
Search for tasks and edits are available by timestamp, note structure, task priority, and last-modified-text. The notes include “Done” and “Not Done” marks to assist in tagging tasks.
This app provides a simple interface where users can manually add new notes or type in each edit (such as adding a new line). The note and edit system can also include dependencies to other tasks.
A distraction-free interface that is intuitive and offers easy access to its main features
Using a new TodoMVC Web App, users can view, edit, and enter new tasks to organize and prioritize any task. Users can also filter the tasks by priority, due date, last modified time, or title, and the tasks can also be organized in the parent-child hierarchy.
A TodoMVC-compatible web-app interface makes it easy to view, add, edit, and delete tasks.
The apps are free from any ads, advertisements, and data gathering requirements. Also, the underlying TodoMVC architecture ensures flexibility and adaptability in the programs that allows it to run on different platforms.
Many of the features are configurable and can be customized to your needs, such as the editing menu, task structure, and the text syntax.
TodoMVC Web App:
If the above description is the most essential part of the TreeNote features, then perhaps its interface is what you should focus on. The app offers an option to work with multiple pages, and also, displays a proper progress bar for each note and task.
The use of bold text and other features is optimized to give users a more intuitive user-interface.
Rich text editor that creates hierarchical inputed

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1. Task Entry and Sort
2. Emoji Symbols
3. Fast Text Entry (Highlighted Characters)
4. Rulers
5. Color Picker
6. Parent & Children Dependencies
7. Custom Key Bases
8. Fast Multi-Views (Dragging)
9. Keyboard Control
10. Quick Swipe
11. Approximate Time Entry
12. Synchronization
13. Built-in Symbols
14. Date/Time Selection
15. Desktop Notepad integration
16. With Dropbox integration
17. Backup
18. Custom Emoji Symbols
TreeNote Crack Mac offers a set of 13 different interfaces to easily create and manage different task types, such as tasks and notes.
This means it is up to you to create a personal task or a common company task, through the use of its many features. You can do the same with the quick keyboard shortcuts, the note font, and the emoji symbols. It is also possible to do the same using the file browser, once all the entries have been created.
The notes can be arranged in different ways, according to the formatting used, and so are the tasks. The quick sort operation can be used as you would expect, from the most important to the less important ones. This allows you to manage your tasks in a quick manner, with minimal effort.
For your convenience, TreeNote offers a few features that you may find quite useful. One of these is the quick keyboard shortcuts feature, through which you can add predefined short forms for task and notes entering.
The TreeNote program is also compatible with the web, or the cloud, which means it is possible to store and synchronize your tasks from your phone or any other device. This also means it is possible to add dependencies between the notes and task, as well as other conditional formatting.
Some of the features of the program are explained through the videos available.
Keyboard Shortcuts
Simple description: A list of short forms for the text entering purpose
Required software: None
Price: Free
Use of keyboard shortcuts (optional):
Tasks & Notes
Task & Note Entry:
• 4KB Text Size
• 1,000 Notes
• 6.7 MB Storage Limit
• 5.5 MB Easy Storage Limit
• Color Picker
• Color Copy & Paste
• Remove Bold, Italic and Underline
• Add & Edit Symbols
• Highlighted Characters
• Block Symb

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App features:
• All inputted text appears in the tree view
• Notes can be opened by clicking the plus icon in the top-right corner
• Notes can be closed by clicking the minus icon
• Default colors can be selected for the tree list
• Delete, color and label modification can be performed on any selected task
• Tree navigation can be performed with a keyboard or using the mouse
• Many keyboard shortcuts are provided for fast navigation between notes
• Tasks can be organized hierarchically
• Dependencies between tasks can be defined and formatted
• Different formatting and color options for the tasks
• Date can be added for each task
• Sort option can be applied on tasks
• Focus on a task can be set via a drop-down list
• Task notes can be copied via a context menu
• Notes can be added before, after or through a task
• Notes can be moved with a keyboard shortcut
• Important notes can be selected in real time
• Links can be inserted in the tasks
• Logging can be enabled for each task or only for some specified events
• On-screen keyboard can be enabled
Known Issues:
The program features a number of incomplete language translations in different languages.
The user interface is missing basic features.
Bug reports, FAQ and suggestions are available through the project’s forum, linked on the app’s official page.
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What’s New in the?

TreeNote is a complete task manager which let you stay on top of your tasks with the power of symbols and custom quick-commands. You can add Tasks, Notes (sentence or more) with symbols, tasks have a specific status to select notes. Free version run for 2.5 years, paid version runs for 3 years.
• Choose a label on the tree to make your task easy to remember.
• Quick change status of your task with simple quick commands.
• Create, import and export tasks.
• Create different notes (todo, done, in progress and so on) with special symbols.
• Track your tasks with unique email notifications.
• Task management is based on the flexibility of flexible tree-based approach.
• Choose between Quick Commands and Symbols to input texts.
• Set & display due dates.
• Export your tasks in TXT, CSV, XLS.
• Edit tasks, notes, quick-commands and quickly navigate to any task.
• Multipart Tasks.
• Task-by-task comments or notes.
• Import text from Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, and other applications.
• Powerful and efficient interface.
• Undo/Redo
• Split and merge Tasks.
• Import from Microsoft Word/Excel.
• Add tasks by date and time.
• TreeNote is able to deal with the import and export of tasks, notes and quick-commands in every format except of Evernote.
• Export to CSV, TXT, XLS, DOC.
• Export to Evernote with its AppleScript or Python API.
• Export to Dropbox, Google Drive and other applications using web URLs.
• Import from Microsoft Word/Excel, Google Drive and other applications.
• TreeNote is supported in English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Romanian, Hungarian, Dutch, Turkish and Korean.
• In the free version, the maximum size of the imported files is 5MB.
• TreeNote fully supports internationalization.
• Free version is compatible with iOS and Android.
• TreeNote runs on Windows and Mac.
• Synchronization between devices.
• Export to iCloud.
• TreeNote has been designed with the touch screen in mind, allowing for precise input with swipe or press operations.
• Task notification.
• Customizable keyboard shortcuts.

System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel® Core 2 Duo Processor (or equivalent), 2.4 GHz minimum, 2GB of RAM minimum
Graphics: Video card with 256MB of memory, DirectX 9.0c compatible video card with support for DirectDraw 8.0 required, recommended, or at least a DirectX 9.0c-compatible video card is required, but only one video card is required for each copy of the software.
Network: Broadband Internet connection, 128K modem