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Copying and moving files from your iOS device to your computer used to be a task that only PC experts could tackle. However, nowadays there are numerous tools that can be used to simplify these processes, such as UltFone iOS Data Manager.
Supports numerous iOS device models
You need to start with connecting your iOS device to the computer using a compatible USB cable. Since most iPad, iPhone and iPod models are supported, you should not encounter any issues when it comes to gaining access to its contents from your computer.
The main window of UltFone iOS Data Manager automatically displays various details about your device, such as remaining free space, device name currently running OS version.
Can migrate a plethora of files
Once the connection has been established, you can move on to exploring all the items on your iOS device: photos, songs, videos, contacts, books, or bookmarks, and select the ones you want to export to your PC.
You can not only analyze the installed apps on your device, but you can also rely on the built-in file manager to browse the files and directories.
Comes with a virtual USB drive
A very handy feature supported by UltFone iOS Data Manager is setting up a virtual USB drive where you can easily store data. Custom folders can be created within seconds, and you can move or reorganize your data as you see fit.
Nonetheless, you need to keep in mind that this feature actually occupies the space on your device, so you need to make you have enough free space before building the drive.
In a nutshell
To wrap it up, UltFone iOS Data Manager can be used by both novices and pros to handle the files on their iPad, iPod or iPhone without needing to use the cumbersome iTunes. All the operations are intuitive and easy to locate, so everyone can migrate their photos, songs or other data from their device to their computers within minutes.







UltFone IOS Data Manager Crack + Download

The UltFone iOS Data Manager Free Download for Mac is an efficient utility that lets you transfer files and folders from your iPhone, iPad, iPod and iTunes to and from Mac OS, as well as analyze the iOS content. With this software, you can easily view the iOS content on your Mac OS computer without iTunes. It supports various…

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IonCable Features
– Simple interface (menu bar at top of screen, left and right sides for browse/send/quit)
– Tries to be as small as possible
– Works as a server (it can send files to another computer)
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– Supports drag and drop
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– Works perfectly on Windows XP/Vista/7 without the use of an external program
– Supports both IR1 and IR2 protocols
– Never displays alerts that you are not authorized to send files
– Can be used as a server
– Can send files to every computer that is on within range of the server (if a computer is set to “Requesting files…” status, you can click the “I’m here” button to initiate file transfer)
– Can send files to the following devices: iPod, PocketPC, Apple TV, 3G iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac, and other computers. All you need is a free infrared device like the Belkin or Elgato. Both will work on Windows XP/Vista/7.
– Scanning options: manual scan, automatic scan, and cancel scan. You can also set the number of scans for repeating.
– Browse options: you can start with the specified folders for automatic file transfer or select files from your Mac computer. All available files can be viewed and transferred to another computer using a single click
– Upload options: you can set a destination folder for your files, a description for your files, or a text for a list of files, and also set the maximum file size
– History: when you upload a file to your Mac computer, you can see the history for all previous uploads
– Support for

UltFone IOS Data Manager Crack Download

What is it?
UltFone iOS Data Manager is a Mac utility that lets you manage files on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, and transfer the items to and from your computer.

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UltFone IOS Data Manager

Unleash files, photos, music and video from your iOS device without hassle.
What’s new in this version:
Version 1.6.2:
Minor bug fix and new feature.
Version 1.6.1:
More than 50,000 App Store users have downloaded UltFone iOS Data Manager.
This is a free file managing app with no in-app purchases.
Support all devices with USB.
Supports files on an iOS device, iPhone, iPad, iPod and other USB devices.
New version:
Add the option to change the names of the files, folders and can use the Quick Office.
Be careful, because UltFone iOS Data Manager can hide all the files stored in the virtual drive.
When you connect your iOS device to the computer, you get to choose the files you want to transfer between your devices.
With UltFone iOS Data Manager, you can either import the selected files to the device, or export them to your computer.
The next step is selecting the device to be accessed. After that, you can move through any of the folders and files to select what you want to move.
You can use the Quick Office to search through files, folders and contacts.
Clean and delete unused space using the space remover.
Optionally start the process from an existing folder or one that is on a regular USB stick.
You can completely add new folders or reorganize your folders in the virtual drive.
Optionally, you can add several devices, including External USB drives or an iPhone, iPad, or iPod.
It can be used as a virtual USB drive or a virtual hard drive.
Key features:
– Support a variety of devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod, iPad Mini, iPod Touch and other USB devices.
– Keep your data off other devices.
– Almost all iOS devices are supported.
– Supports transferring your data between multiple devices.
– Automatically backup your iOS device.
– Customize the folder by dragging and dropping.
– Clean and delete unused space by configuring size.
– Optionally, make a backup before using.
– Extract the photos from the album, do you need to avoid them being damaged.
– Preview the files right from the folder.
– Quickly search files, folders and contacts.
– Glimpse the information such as file size, file type and time.
– Customize the appearance and order of the virtual drive.

What’s New in the?

Experience a powerful file transfer app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch today with UltFone. Learn how to use UltFone iOS Data Manager to keep your personal data safe by backing up your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch as well as transferring files and documents between the two.
Ultimate iPhone Data Manager allows you to perform a variety of file transfer and file management functions. By using its one-of-a-kind iPhone transfer tool, you can complete transfers, backup, organize, edit, add, and manage files within an extremely easy-to-use interface and intuitive user interface.
Key Features:
• Transfer files from the iPhone to the computer
• Back up files to computer
• Transfer music between two devices
• Manage files and folders
• Create folders, import and export files
• Edit, organize, copy, move, and delete files
• Backup files
• Organize files into albums, songs, and books
• Drag and drop files to a folder or transfer to other apps
• Import photos from iPhone
• Import to iCloud for backup
• Create a virtual iPod for backup
• Transfer video between two devices
• View backups and transfer files from the computer
• Setup the virtual iPod
Included with the file transfer app
• Backups of your personal files
• File transfers from your iPhone to the computer
• Backup your iPhone
• Transfer music from an iPhone to an iPod touch
• Import files from the computer to the iPhone
• Export files from the iPhone to the computer
• Backup files and iTunes on your device
• Transfer files from the iPhone to the computer
• Create a virtual iPod with music that you backup
• Transfer music from an iPod touch to an iPhone

We made this app to be easy to use. The included support for iCloud also means you can back up your files.
We like to keep things simple and minimize the clutter.
Our app includes:
✔ Backup files from your iCloud to the computer.
✔ Transfer files from the computer to the iPhone.
✔ Backup your device.
✔ Import photos from the camera or from other apps like Facebook and Dropbox.
✔ Export photos from your iPhone to the computer.
✔ Add music to your device.
✔ Add videos to your device.
✔ Create a virtual iPod with music that you back up.
✔ View the files, playlist, and make changes to your files, such as move, copy,

System Requirements For UltFone IOS Data Manager:

Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Processor: Dual Core processor recommended
Memory: 2GB (for best performance)
Graphics: DirectX 9.0 compatible video card with 512MB RAM
Hard Disk: 5GB of free space (preferably installed)
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 or later compatible sound card with 96KHz/24 bit
Network: Broadband Internet connection
For best performance, we recommend using DirectX 9 graphics card.
The Ultimate version has the same!/?p=30724