Thẻ: Watch Avvai Shanmugi 1080p

Watch Avvai Shanmugi 1080pWatch Avvai Shanmugi 1080p

Watch Avvai Shanmugi 1080p


Watch Avvai Shanmugi 1080p

the movie also has a contemporary romance angle. while siva and keerthy share an affection-filled jodi, rathna (heera) is the one siva is in love with. basha, too, becomes an integral part of the movie. so, its not just that keerthy and siva are in love, there is an entire heartwarming story here. ‘), document.getelementbyid(‘movie’)).appendchild(p)} ;(function(a,b,c){function d(a){,this.title=!1;this.current=0}function e(a,b){this.text=b.trim(),this.tags=[];}var f=[“a”,”am”,”ar”,”as”,”at”,”ch”,”co”,”cr”],g=[“a”,”an”,”ar”,”as”,”at”,”ch”,”cri”,”cr”],h=f+g;function i(a,b,c){if(!;var d=a.title;a.title=!1,a.tags.push(b),b.foreach(function(e){!a.title&&”${e}”.split(||””).length>0?a.title=d:g(e),!a.title&&e in h?a.title=!1:!0})}function j(a,b){return”${}”.id||”””).id=b:”${!1}function k(a,b){var c={},d=0,e;if(b=b||a,b=parseint(b),b.valueof>a.length)return!1;e=b.charat(0).touppercase()+b.substr(1);var f=a.indexof(” “);b=f!=!0?a.substr(f+1,a.length):a;e=e.indexof(” “);b=e!=!0?e+1:a.length;b=parseint(b),b=b>0&&b0&&b=0;f–){var h=(b-d[f]).tostring();h=h.slice(0,-1);k=k?(d[f-1] in b?k+”,”+d[f-1]:””:””):!0}if(!k){k=!0;break}l(a.substr(b,h.length),b.length),c.length)}var m=s(0),n=0,o=0,p=s(0);for(var q=0;q<a.length;q++){var r=a.

sobha and sundar gets a job when the husband is transferred to another state. here, they face several problems. they are not able to make their children understand their importance and responsibilities. the wife finds ways to deceive her husband and the family. the husband gets irritated and reveals that his wife is an immoral woman. he then gets transferred to another state.

later, after returning, the couple finds that their children are no more, and their friends who are parents. so, their efforts to get their children again is really impressive. all their problems are resolved by lord muruga who saves them from all the troubles and sends their family. finally, in the last scene, they discover their children. then, they understand the value of family life.

the movie contains topics such as understanding and showing love to your parents, taking the responsibility of kids and family, building a home, making your partner yours and removing all the doubts in love.[macwin[winmac563