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Roblox is a game creation platform and an online sandbox environment, based on a programming language and video game engine called Lua. It was developed by Erik Cassel and David Baszucki when they were students at Carnegie Mellon University in 2004. The two originally built Roblox to be a multiplayer game, and the application also allowed users to access a variety of other databases. In 2006, the two released the game to the public.
Despite its relatively short history, Roblox has since become popular as a way to play video games online, and the company has continued to grow at a fast pace. Roblox initially focused on making browser-based games for users to play when they were online, but, in 2009, it launched the mobile version of its software, and since then, it has been expanded to include other platforms. Roblox is free to use for the games and the content it hosts.
For a large portion of its history, Roblox was a relatively small company, both in terms of its size and the size of its userbase. As of 2019, Roblox had about 135 employees, and it was generating about US$6.8 million in annual revenue. Over the course of the 2010s, the company grew rapidly and expanded into other platforms and apps. Roblox was not initially profitable, and its revenue was not covering its costs until 2017. This has caused Roblox to use a variety of tactics to make money, including monetizing user-generated content, investing in games, creating original video content, and selling virtual items. In 2018, Forbes estimated that the company generated nearly $40 million in revenue.
Roblox initially became popular in large part because of its impressive graphics. User-created content (known as user-generated content or UGC) is heavily incentivized within the Roblox platform, making it the premier site for virtual goods. Its virtual goods are made available through the same in-app purchase system that is available for most other video games. Roblox has also focused on building communities of in-game players, especially the smaller and younger communities. Although Roblox was originally focused on the multiplayer aspect of its games, the company has since expanded its products into other platforms, including mobile games, which can be played individually or in groups.
In 2009, Roblox launched a cloud-based server, which allows users to share and play Roblox games with other users using a browser. The server can handle games on


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At a glance, if you’re looking for Robux and don’t know what to do with them, there’s no better place to come than Roblox. Here you can find a large list of games, a robot, and a kid’s sandbox where you can build and customize just about anything.
But with all that fun come free robux codes, cheat codes, and tips that you can use to make your game a heck of a lot more fun, and easy!

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Playing games on Roblox is pretty easy. But when it comes to getting robux fast, it can get a little trickier. That’s where our cheat codes come in. You can use them to generate a robux code on any game on Roblox, including Zombie Slayers.
And using our cheats, you can get tons of free robux at a moment’s notice. If you use these cheats to play Zombie Slayers, you’ll find you can teleport anywhere on any map, open portals between worlds, generate lots of powerful items, and find awesome Easter eggs.

Cheat codes for Roblox are wonderful, and they make Roblox so much better than it is on its own. Roblox is a great game. But if you really want to get the most out of Roblox, you’ll want to get a hold of these robux codes and cheats. With them, you’ll be able to do things the game lets you do on its own, but that you won’t find if you just play the game on its own.

Start earning free robux and gaming currency with these codes, and enjoy the game as never before.

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You know that game where you can walk around town meeting people and make friends, but the game won’t let you trade your stuff for other people’s stuff? Well, I found a simple way to make Roblox let you trade! You simply go to the Robux cheat generator, build your desired robux numbers (4x is 200, 6x is 150, etc), and click the generate robux code button!
In less than a second you’ll have a code ready to use. Go find some friends and exchange with them!

Want more in-game tips and tricks?

Stuck on a map or want to know how to get a bonus? Here’s some in-game tips and tricks to


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There are four types of Robux you can collect to upgrade your account, toys, buildings, vehicles, or characters. You can only get one type of Robux per play session.



Each toy comes with a dollar value when clicked. Clicking on the toy will unlock the parent building or vehicle (if available).

Toys are earned from world events.

Toys do not have a chance of returning to the parent building or vehicle. There is a chance of returning to the toy if you can claim it as a free robux upon its disappearance.

Toys can be “Purchased” in the world store.


Each building has a dollar value, just as with toys. Clicking on a building will unlock the building.

Building types:

There are 5 building types you can get:

Cost: 1000 Robux

Building types:

There are 5 building types you can get:

Cost: 1000 Robux


Vehicles can be acquired by completing various tasks.

Vehicles are granted as rewards for Special Events.

You can only have 1 vehicle at any given time.

Special events are created from certain building types.

Each vehicle has a set of unlocked features:

Cost: 5k Robux


There are 5 vehicle types you can get:

Cost: 5k Robux


The latest update of Roblox added a new character type called Pro.

Pro characters (aka robot) come with their own in-game language as well as their own set of items.

There are 10 different Pro characters you can unlock as rewards from special events.

Pro Characters:

There are 10 different Pro characters you can unlock as rewards from special events.


Cost: 3k Robux


There are 10 different Pro characters you can unlock as rewards from special events.

Pro Characters:

There are 10 different Pro characters you can unlock as rewards from special events.


Cost: 3k Robux


There are 10 different Pro characters you can unlock as rewards from special


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What is Robux?

Robux (pronounced as “rock-box”) is the Roblox game’s in-game virtual currency. It is used to purchase virtual items and also to play the game. Robux can be earned by defeating monsters, allowing the player to purchase items that are exclusive to the player’s account. It is not linked to any specific reward system.



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