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Task Folders Free Download [Win/Mac]

■ Tasks list management
■ Add a project
■ Add a folder
■ Add a file
■ Create a task
■ Assign a project to a task
■ Set the priority of a task
■ Add, assign or reassign a task to another task
■ Assign the priority to another task
■ Monitor the progress
■ Create, delete, move and rename a task or a folder
■ Create, delete, move or rename a folder
■ Associate a task with a file
■ Associate a folder with a task
■ Create, delete or change the attributes of a file or folder
■ Change the attributes of a file or folder
■ Change the attributes of a folder
■ Change the attributes of a task
■ Change the attributes of a folder
■ Get all information about the task
■ Get all information about the folder
■ Change the state of a task
■ Change the state of a folder
■ Change the state of a task
■ Display the task
■ Display the folder
■ Display the tasks list
■ Show or hide tasks
■ Show or hide folders
■ Process options
■ Create task options
■ Edit task options
■ Delete task options
■ View task options
■ Edit folder options
■ View folder options
■ Change folder options
■ List all tasks
■ List all folders
■ List all tasks
■ List all files
■ Remove a folder
■ Remove a file
■ Rename a file
■ Rename a folder
■ Change the attributes of a file
■ Change the attributes of a folder
■ Create a folder
■ Remove a folder
■ Create a file
■ Delete a file
■ Rename a file
■ View a file
■ Check out for a file
■ Check out for a folder
■ Get the file info
■ Get the folder info
■ Get the file info
■ Get the folder info

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Task Folders License Key Full Free [Win/Mac]

What’s New in the Task Folders?

Task Folders is a personal task manager fully integrated with Windows file system. Task Folders gives you the opportunity to manage projects � create hierarchical tasks list, set tasks priority, monitor progress and date of start and end.

Besides, to every task you may attach folders and files, which are used in the process of its fulfillment. After that these folders will be displayed in Windows Explorer according to task status and progress.
Thus, you won’t have to run special application to find out status of a task � you will see it when navigating through the file system. In case you need to change task status, you may use “Task Properties” item of Windows Explorer context menu.


■ 30days trial period

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External links

Vlado Stanković at Reprezentacija.rs

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