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His stance on data is spot on. It has got to be a continuous and iterative process that needs to be adapted as data changes. The ability to repeat this process in a fast-moving environment and at high velocity can be a game-changer for not just a business but its entire supply chain. This is where Analytics, or the act of processing and analyzing data, comes in. Thanks to the ubiquity of data, improving supply chain agility is now something that enterprises can actually do. Read more from Sri Venkatesh, CIO, Connectworks Ltd.: The data-driven supply chain of the future is here alreadyThe project is designed to establish a multidisciplinary approach to the study of the basic and clinical neurobiology of the biogenic amine serotonin. Our research has developed three interrelated approaches: 1) correlative anatomical, electrophysiological, biochemical and pharmacological experiments are being carried out on the rat brain with the goal of establishing the anatomical, electrical and biochemical basis of the serotonergic input to various components of the limbic system and their functional correlates. 2) We are establishing the in vitro biochemical and electrophysiological effects of serotonergic drugs in brain slices and in single neurons as well as the neuromodulatory effects of these drugs in intact rats and the trophic effects of serotonergic drugs on cultured serotonergic neurons in vivo and in vitro. 3) The production and biochemistry of neocortical serotonin and its turnover are being studied in the rat and chick. The cytology and chemical nature of the serotonin neurons of the chick embryo and their lability to cryogenic lesions are also being studied.Q:

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. Revonor 5.3 Patch Arabic.1. Field of the Invention
The present invention relates to a protective structure for an apparatus which is exposed to noise and vibration.
2. Description of the Related Art
Apparatuses such as televisions and the like are used in an environment where there is generated a great amount of noise and vibration, and various problems and troubles are caused by the noise and the vibration, which cause breakage and the like of parts and members of the apparatus and deteriorate the reliability of the apparatus.
It is possible to provide a noise isolating structure in the vicinity of the inside and outside of the apparatus to reduce the noise and the vibration inside the apparatus, but this structure has not been sufficient in terms of the reduction of noise and vibration.
It is therefore an object of the present invention to provide a protective structure for an apparatus which reduces noise and vibration within the apparatus and reliably prevents breakage and the like of parts and members of the apparatus and deterioration of the reliability thereof.
In order to attain the above object, the present invention provides a protective structure of an apparatus including a cabinet, a housing provided within the cabinet and forming an opening in the front thereof, a cover including a reinforcement wall which is formed to surround a space within the housing and having an opening provided therein to face the opening of the housing, and a protective plate detachably supported on the reinforcement wall and covering the opening of the housing, the protective plate being formed to extend along the front of the cabinet and including a first protective plate portion having a surface facing the opening of the housing and a second protective plate portion extending along the front of the cabinet, the first and second protective plate portions being overlapped with each other along the front of the cabinet so as to cover the opening of the housing.
According to the protective structure for an apparatus which is provided by the present invention, the noise and vibration within the apparatus are reduced by the first and second protective plate portions of the protective plate. Accordingly, breakage and the like of parts and members of the apparatus and deterioration of the reliability thereof are prevented.Conventionally, a process of imaging a subject using a video imager such as a CCD or a CMOS to obtain an

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