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KeyMacro is an innovative Windows utility for easy data entry, which has many useful features.
KeyMacro enables you to type text in multiple languages simultaneously. It does so by showing the alternate characters as a keyboard macro, which can be set using a dropdown list.
You can also use the program to convert the selected text into a different language, making it possible to use it in a single process.
KeyMacro has an extremely easy-to-use user interface, with all its functions located on a single menu.
KeyMacro can be used for a variety of purposes, such as searching and filtering data, creating an audit trail for various records and keeping a record of all the data you enter.
KeyMacro is highly flexible, which allows it to work with numerous languages and create a wide variety of data entry fields. You can also customize its appearance, such as the background color or font.
Moreover, KeyMacro offers you a wide range of features, including international data entry, multiple macros, and text conversion between languages.
Language converter
With KeyMacro’s Language converter feature, you can convert characters into their corresponding alphabets in any language.
This feature is extremely useful when typing in a language that doesn’t contain all the required characters. For example, when typing in Spanish, which contains only a few letters, you can use the Language converter feature to convert your selected text into English.
The program also allows you to automatically select the language, as well as the entire document, when a new file is opened.
KeyMacro allows you to type text in multiple languages simultaneously, so that you can use one keyboard to type in several languages, or simply type in an English language version for an international version of a document.
Additionally, the program can perform text conversion between languages, making it possible to create an accurate audit trail of data.
Furthermore, KeyMacro allows you to perform numerous tasks, including searching and filtering records, creating an audit trail for various records, and keeping a record of all the data you enter.
KeyMacro is a powerful Windows utility for data entry, which has many useful features.

Easy Search Replace (ESE) is a simple search and replace utility that allows you to search text on your computer or network.
You can use it to find and replace text strings, numbers and dates in any application.
You can even search inside a word document or text file.
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Keymacro is a multi-purpose utility designed to be used as both a menu system and a clipboard manager. It runs in either the tray or with a taskbar icon and allows you to open programs, create menus and even use it as a clipboard manager. You can easily customize the program for your own needs and even build your own. No experience is needed, with the program having step-by-step instructions on how to use it.
Main window: This is the main area of the application. On the left side you will find a list of recent files, and on the right side a number of main windows. You can use the middle window to open programs, create menus or paste files.
Menu Manager: If you want to create a menu, or if you want to customize your menus, simply double-click the name of your menu and you are taken to a nice list of options. You can rename items, add/delete items, edit text, as well as group items. A new menu can be created or customized by simply pressing the “New” button.
Customization: Keymacro offers a variety of customization options. Each item can be customized by selecting its properties (name, icon, text, etc.) and then customizing it. You can, for example, create a menu with a list of frequently used items or one that has different text depending on the application you are using. You can also give each menu a separate icon.
Support: The application features a help option.
Keymacro requires Windows 95 or above and any version of.NET Framework.
System requirements:
Keymacro requires Windows 95 or above and any version of.NET Framework.
How to Use:
1. Install the setup. If you use setup, just accept the licenses. If you download it, you will be required to perform the installation manually.
2. Copy the downloaded files to the folder where the program is located.
3. Double-click the exe file.
4. Read the manual.
5. Click the “New” button.
6. In the window that opens, choose what type of menu you want and what sort of options you want. Click “OK.”
7. Select the options you want to customize by clicking the text.
8. Click the “OK” button.
9. Customize the items that you want.
10. Click the �


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