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VE7CC is a simple to use piece of software that radio amateurs can use to communicate online.

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VE7CC is a fully featured radio communications program, it supports many popular modes of HF radio communication.
VE7CC is ideal for someone new to radio who wants to learn how to communicate with other amateur radio operators.
VE7CC supports many popular protocols such as AX25, AX25D, AX25R, AX25M, AX25L, AX25, AXDB, AXFS, KJ2U, KJ2K, AXNET, KK2N, AX25P, AX25W, AX25M, AX25L, AX25S, AX25, AXDS, AXDSS, AXDU, AXDU2, AXDU3, AXDU4, AXDU5, AXDU6, AXDU7, AXDU8, AXDU9, AXDU10, AXDU11, AXDU12, AXDU13, AXDU14, AXDU15, AXDU16, AXDU17, AXDU18, AXDU19, AXDU20, AXDU21, AXDU22, AXDU23, AXDU24, AXDU25, AXDU26, AXDU27, AXDU28, AXDU29, AXDU30, AXDU31, AXDU32, AXDU33, AXDU34, AXDU35, AXDU36, AXDU37, AXDU38, AXDU39, AXDU40, AXDU41, AXDU42, AXDU43, AXDU44, AXDU45, AXDU46, AXDU47, AXDU48, AXDU49, AXDU50, AXDU51, AXDU52, AXDU53, AXDU54, AXDU55, AXDU56, AXDU57, AXDU58, AXDU59, AXDU60, AXDU61, AXDU62, AXDU63, AXDU64, AXDU65, AXDU66, AXDU67, AXDU68, AXDU69, AXDU70, AXDU71, AXDU72, AXDU73, AXDU74, AXDU75, AXDU76, AXD

VE7CC With Serial Key Download [Latest 2022]

* Compute the MAC (Message Authentication Code) in a secure manner for encrypted amateur radio text communications
* A common use is as a “base key” to replace the 10th or 11th digit of an international call as the 10th or 11th digit of the key
* This is handy when you need to use an international radio call that does not require a keying PIN (10 digit passcode)
* It will NOT solve the keying problem when you are a VHF or UHF CW operator, it simply replaces the 10th or 11th digit of the key
* Does not need a WSPR network connection, just your computer and the internet
* If you are in the USA, you can use the VHF/UHF traffic convention also known as the “ACMA Convention”
* If you are an Echolink member you can use the Echolink Key:
* Does not solve the keying problem for QSK DXing (through Morse Code) or emergency traffic
* The band width (the number of digit key required per second) is:
* 7 (VHF CW, digital voice, DXpedition and DXCC) or
* 8 (Voice, VHF CW, CW/SSB, PSK31, VOX, and DXCC)
* Note the 7 or 8 is based on the time required to send one character of text, NOT the time to process a character of text
* Key:
* AMS7CC uses the French military format for its MAC digits (plus one space for padding)
* For example,
* CCMMCDDCCMP (Compute MAC using MAC digits) = -Z – 4 + E + 4 + A + D + 3 + D + 5
* MAC would be the character “1” as a digit, “2” as a digit, and so on
* You may need to play with the settings for your keyboard to match the AMS7CC settings
* Works on Windows and Mac, no installation required
* “AMS7CC_PROMPT.txt” includes the MACs that are generated by the software
* Links:
* AMS7CC – What is this?

VE7CC Crack + Keygen Free (Updated 2022)

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What’s New In VE7CC?

VET is a simple, easy to use software radio application for 2.4 GHz or 5.8 GHz HF radio enthusiasts. With a WSPR (Weak Signal Propagation Reporter) program similar to the original SSTV, VET is a great tool for the ham who wants to share 2.4 GHz or 5.8 GHz data with other ham radio operators. VET supports many modes of data exchange, such as online trading or direct sharing of messages between radios and operators. All of the fields in the program are easy to edit. All of the data is stored in an SQLite database file that can be accessed through standard windows database software such as Microsoft Access and the others.

Software License:

Do not share/sell the freeware version of this software in any form, you must use the version available in the website above for your license. The version available in the website above for a shareware version includes the registration feature.

VE7CC – About VE7CC

This software was last checked for updates on 12/31/2016 6:43 AM. The latest version is, up from

We recommend that you visit the software’s website here to check for additional software for VE7CC that may be compatible with your system, before installing to ensure that your experience with the software will be as easy and hassle-free as possible.

VE7CC can be found in the following categories:

We are looking for translators to help us localize our software. If you want to contribute to the localization of VE7CC, please contact us through the software’s website.Wednesday, September 18, 2011

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System Requirements For VE7CC:

Windows: 10/8/7/Vista 32-bit/64-bit
Mac: OS X 10.5/6.8/7.6/8.5/9.3/10.4/X
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